Time, The Valuator Drop New Single + Video “The Violent Sound”

Photo By: Alina Nolte

German progressive rockers Time, The Valuator are back with a vengeance with a new track and video ready to knock people off their feet. The natural growth and progression of the band can be seen in their third video: they brought us progressive vibes with “Elusive Reasons”, melodic vibes with “When I Meet Death”, and now expect a punch of energy, courtesy of “The Violent Sound”.

The band’s vocalist also opened up and shared his opinion on the track: We live in a time in which money is everything. It’s worth separating families, manipulating the working class, creating fake enemies and even killing. People go to war for ideologies not of their own, but of their cowardly leaders. Made up reasons are what people are told to fight for.

Recent developments in our world have motivated me to write this song, because music helped me survive up to this point and my love for it continues to do so. Although it is a critical song, it symbolizes an outlet for all the frustration of what’s going on.”

Time, The Valuator – The Violent Sound (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dreambound https://www.facebook.com/dreamboundmusic http://vk.com/dreamboundmusic https://twitter.com/dream_bound http://dreambound.storenvy.com ________________________________ Artist: Time, The Valuator Song: The Violent Sound Album: Single (2017) Hometown: Essen, Germany Website: https://www.facebook.com/timethevaluator iTunes: http://found.ee/theviolentsound Google Play: http://found.ee/EcyD5 Amazon: http://found.ee/5wqVE Spotify: http://found.ee/0xd4K ________________________________ Label: Famined Records Website: http://www.faminedrecords.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FaminedRecords ________________________________ Lyrics: The scent of the ashes Spoils the air in my lungs This riot inside me Has a hold of my soul So what should I fight for?

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