Thousand Below Announce Debut Album ‘The Love You Let Too Close’

Thousand Below have announced their debut album The Love You Let Too Closwill be out on October 6 through Rise Records. The band has shared the new song “No Place Like You” to celebrate the announcement of the release. The track is available as an instant grat track for those who pre-order the record.

Vocalist James Deberg said, “This record has been a year in the making, we spent months working on and perfecting the sound that we wanted Thousand Below to become before we released anything to the public. I feel we’ve all perfectly expressed everything we wanted to in these 11 songs.”

He continued, “I’ve never been more excited to release a project in my entire life and I truly believe there is a song for every type of music fan on TLYLTC. Be it heavy, sad, emotional, catchy, rock, metal, post-hardcore, whatever sound you like — there’s a song on the album for everyone.”

Deberg finished, “The album was written about the emotional hardships of the past two years of my life, and goes in depth about fighting the depression that comes from losing a loved one to suicide, as well as how it changes you as a person and how being so damaged can ruin existing relationships. I also wrote about the coping mechanisms I clung to while trying to find myself on the other side of losing my best friend in such a terrible way. I struggled with battling drug abuse, loneliness, isolation, and many other negative things in the past few years.

“The Love You Let Too Close is a view into my heart and my mind during a tough time in my life that I hope other people dealing with the same feelings can connect to.”

[tw-toggle title=”The Love You Let Too Close Track Listing”]
1. “Sinking Me”
2. “Tradition”
3. “Never Here”
4. “Sleepless”
5. “Carry the Weight”
6. “The Love You Let Too Close”
7. “Follow Me Home”
8. “The Wolf and the Sea”
9. “Vein”
10. No Place Like You”
11. Into The Gray”

Thousand Below – No Place Like You

Purchase “The Love You Let Too Close” here: Catch them on tour with The Devil Wears Prada September 29th-November 4th! To be honest, I didn’t think my heart could weigh so heavy on my chest. Is it really safe that I carry my loss so closely.

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