Me Like Bees Release New Video for “The River Divides”

Photo Credit: Mark Neuenschwander

Comic book series The Realm has enlisted the musical services of Joplin, MO’s indie pop darlings Me Like Bees to put together the soundtrack for the upcoming release. Today, the music video for the first of five singles “The River Divides” has been released and coincides with the comic’s first issue being released on 9/13.

The post-apocalyptic high fantasy comic series is be distributed by Image Comics (known best for The Walking Dead) and is about a group of people who are constantly coming to grips with a hostile new world, all the while struggling with their checkered pasts that pale in comparison to the horrors they are forced to survive daily.

Vocalist Luke Sheafer says “When I wrote the lyrics, I was imagining salty, war-ready people who lamented the world they now live in, while also pining for their former lives, as bogged down with worries, regrets, and fear as they may have been.

Comic creator Jeremy Haun told Alternative Press “The band and I actually come from the same small town. A mutual friend sent over Me Like Bees’ first album ‘The Ides’ just before it came out a few years ago. I put it it on while I sat drawing comics. I played through. Several times.

Me Like Bees – The River Divides (Official Video)

Songs From The REALM out now: Me Like Bees performing The River Divides” off of their new EP, Songs from The Realm, inspired by the Image Comics series The Realm.

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