Glass House Point Release New Single “Creatures”

Central Florida indie rock band Glass House Point have released their new single, “Creatures” today. The band’s sound is centered around a 4-piece lineup backed by crisp harmonies, synths, and string ensembles. Overall the sound is sophisticated, yet untamed — a quite beautiful contradiction. “Creatures” takes a quick dip into their upcoming fall EP, due out in October. Glass House Point also dives into a new sound with “Creatures”, which is representative of their new work. About the track, the band states:

“We’ve been working on creating an entirely new sound. We wanted to make something that’s reflective of where we’ve been and where we are heading. “Creatures” is simply a song about human nature, about the pain and discomfort of moving forward and going separate ways. Lyrically, the song contemplates the past and the immediate future and poses questions about our innate attraction to both love and loss. Musically, the song is full of swelling dynamics, unexpected twists and textures, and some really massive moments. This song is bold, and it demands an ineffable sense of attention.”


Creatures, an album by Glass House Point on Spotify

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