Honeyrude Share New Single “Something About Milwaukee”

Wakeeña Real

Austin’s Honeyrude have shared the opening track to their album, The Color Blue, which is out August 18 via Shifting Sounds Records. Pre-orders for the album are available here. Listen to “Something About Milwaukee” below.

Guitarist/vocalist Jess Ledbetter explained the song’s origins and meaning to SPIN: “‘Milwaukee’ is about being stuck. The lyrics function in an abstract way for me but it is essentially about needing a new perspective or a big push. It’s our newest tune and we wanted it to be really shimmery and pretty. I’m enjoying working on songs where I sing a little softer. It’s easy to get on stage and shout your face off because you’re excited but songs like this one challenge me to find another part of myself to sing from.”

Something About Milwaukee by Honeyrude

“The Color Blue” Available Aug 18th 2017 via Shifting Sounds! Pre-order here: https://shiftingsounds.bandcamp.com/album/the-color-blue Copyright 2017 Honeyrude Music – All Rights Reserved Publishing 2017 Shifting Sounds

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