EP Review: Deathbed – Dead Youth

At first glance when we ourselves are growing up, we tend to think that there isn’t much that differentiates us from others. When we’re younger, there’s an innocence quality to life that makes everything feel free-spirited, but there’s also a lack of understanding on what people may end up going through outside of what we see. This perspective all changes the older we get as the realization that no two people’s stories in life are the exact same comes to fruition. Everyone has their own demons they have to deal with, whether it’s living in a broken home full of fighting or being overweight at a young age and being picked on by kids at school. There’s an almost endless spectrum of what a person may end up going through as they age and while it’s one of the biggest factors that results in who we end up being as we get older, it’s also something that is rarely discussed. Pittsburgh metalcore act Deathbed are hoping to change that with their new EP Dead Youth, which they describe as “a journey into difficult trials that people can face early in their lives and how it affects them”.

[tw-toggle title=”About Deathbed”]
Genre: Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: August 4, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes

One of the biggest factors that any musician takes into account when writing music is to create a connection with their listeners, and right off the bat that is exactly what Deathbed do as they open up their EP with “Self Medicate”. Lyrically, the song is very heavy handed as it talks about how no one listens or cares and it feels as if you’re the only one – a very heavy-handed issue that many in modern day society deal with daily. This is the main pillar that drives Dead Youth as the band hope to show people who struggle with difficulty in life that they can have an outlet to release and express themselves on top of connecting with them in a meaningful way. On the instrumental front, Dead Youth stays in its lane of traditional metalcore, but offers up just enough to distinguish each track from one another. To accomplish this, Deathbed doesn’t just lean on breakdowns, chugging and down-tuned guitars; they also employ dynamic leads accented by subtle electronics that help elevate the sound and create an atmosphere to each track. Vocally, the band utilizes cleans in a very scarce manner which in the long run, ends up working to their advantage as they’re thoughtfully implemented, which has led to the band relying on the overall sound and content to pull listeners in rather than catchy, repeatable choruses.

Deathbed // Self Medicate

Track 1 of 6 from the debut EP “Dead Youth” by Deathbed. DEAD YOUTH – August 4th, 2017 iTunes PREORDER: http://smarturl.it/DeadYouthiTunes Available on Spotify, Google Play, AmazonMP3, and all other major outlets 8/4/17!

While most musicians end goal is to create something that listeners can connect with, most attempts tend to fall a bit short as the content tends to be overplayed or poorly written. With Dead Youth, Deathbed clearly wrote from experience – whether it was their own or ones they witnessed – as the connection between listener and creator happens naturally and never feels forced. Couple that with a sound that is a metalcore purists dream thanks to its visceral breakdowns, blistering riffs or shrieking mid screams and the end result is a prime example of what the genre is all about.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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