Based out of Denver, the sexy, yet emotional sounding trio SIR have quickly made a name for themselves for a relatively young band. With a dynamic sound that wades between pop and rock with a plethora of good vibes, this is a group that is lighthearted and whimsical, yet gets serious to put on a fantastic show with great music. We got the chance to talk with the band about how they came to be, their most recent singles “Go” and “So Cold”, their upcoming album and much, much more — check it all out below.

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We always like to start off on a lighter note with getting to know something about the people we talk with. With that said, what is something that people may not know about you that you’d be willing to share?

We like food a lot! We plan most of our rehearsals and meetings around meals and when we can eat again.

Every band tends to have a story, no matter how simple it may have been on how they met and became what they are today. Can you give us a brief history of the band and how it culminated into what is now known as SIR?

We were all on our own musical journeys when we met. SA was a singer songwriter who traveled the NW and ended up coming to Denver and staying. Kim was playing in several bands and had toured a lot when her and SA met and started playing together. SA later convinced Kim to join the band full time. Luke was also in a band in Denver and met SA while playing an open mic night. SA ended up opening up shows for Luke’s band. When that band ended Luke approached SA about drumming for the band and here we are. We never knew where all these chance meetings would lead. As we kept growing and having experiences together we formed a tight bond that none of us could have ever predicted.

As you’ve grown and gone through the process of band changes, album writing, touring and more, what are a few things that you’ve learned as you continue to grow as a band?

One of the biggest things that has helped us grow is learning how to challenge each other and how to disagree. You have so many decisions to make when in a band. From simple ones like where to eat to difficult ones like how you are going to release your next song. We’ve learned to take in each other’s ideas and hear them out and discuss them in a healthy manner.

The band relationship is a complicated one. We always say it’s just like a romantic relationship but without the sex! Each of our moods affects the others and we had to learn how to work together but also care for each other how we all need.

Based on the two singles you’ve released, “Go” and the much more recent “So Cold”, the sound of SIR comes across as a relatively unique blend of a multitude of genres while giving off a poppy, melancholiac vibe. Was there ever a desire to create more of a streamlined, singular sound or do all of these elements appeal to who you guys are as musicians and as music lovers?

When we began writing for this album, we set out to write songs that we loved. We didn’t put as much thought into if they all were streamlined into one sound or not. We have so many different musical influences it was naturally going to come out as a mix of all of that music. With that said, when you listen to the album as a whole I think you’ll notice the constants in our sound. Drums, percussion and bass holding down strong vocals and catchy melodies.

In the modern day social media age, it’s become increasingly more important for a band to have a strong direction in regards to their sound as people continue to strive finding music that they can relate to. What are you hoping your music conveys to people who find it?

We hope that people can hear and feel the emotion in our music and lyrics. Each song comes from real experiences and we hope that people can take our music and relate them to something in their lives.

Rumor has it that you guys will be releasing a few more singles before you drop the album. Can you give us a little insight on the album?

The songs on this album are a look into our lives and some of the major things that have shaped us in the last couple of years. We wrote these during a trying time in our band lives and our real lives. We had just lost a band member in a messy, hurtful way. We were dealing with losing Luke’s fiance and our friend to a long battle with cancer.

We really came together during all of this and these songs are a reflection of all of that. We took everything we had and decided to get out of Denver for a bit and record and live in LA for a couple of months. It was an incredible experience and really brought us back into the light and into a new chapter. Each song in a different story or comes from a place in that journey.

What are you most excited about this album? Any particular track that you favor and are most looking forward to sharing with the fans?

It’s a little like choosing your favorite taco! Each song has it’s own story and means a little something different to each of us. We just want to get them all out and share them with the World.

Moving on from album discussion, for those who haven’t had a chance to experience SIR live, can you tell us about your on-stage performance and give people an idea of what they can expect from a live performance?

All of these songs come from strong emotional places for us. We try and translate that feeling to the crowd. There is nothing like playing live so we also like to have fun up there and get everyone involved.

Following up on live performances, as a band you’re pretty young but have already performed at notable venues like Red Rocks Amphitheater in Denver and House of Blues in Los Angeles as well as SXSW. What’s been your most memorable moment so far and do you have any dream venues or festivals that you hope to play one day?

It’s hard to name one show. Sometimes even the smaller shows can be the most fun. We’ve been lucky enough to play those places you mentioned but we still have a dream list we’re working on! Playing Coachella, Bonnaroo, or any of the massive festivals would be high up there. We also are working on playing some shows in Europe.

Every band has a “Band Dad”, the one who tends to be the responsible one and takes on the leading role. Who would you say is the “Band Dad” (or Band Mom) of the group and does it actually fit who they are or did it fall into their lap?

We switch off on being the parent depending on the situation. Luke will take the parental lead sometimes if we’re out on tour and dealing with logistics. SA is always the band Mom when it comes to food. She is always making sure we eat good meals and have good, healthy snacks. We call Kim “Grandpa Keems” sometimes since she’s always making us work through our decisions and doesn’t let us get too far ahead of ourselves.

Other than the obvious goal of releasing the album and getting your music out for people to hear, what’s next for SIR?

We’ll be hitting the road a lot in the coming year. We’ve put a lot of time recently into the release of “Go” and “So Cold” that now we’re going to take it on tour. We’re excited to get back out there and play these songs live for people!

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to do this interview with us, but before we go, is there anything else you’d like to share with the people who read this?

We know there is shit ton of music out there but give ours a listen! It’s only because of you guys- the true music fans- that good music spreads.