Gundelach Debuts New Track “Holy Water”

Today, Norwegian artist Gundelach has released his brand new single titled “Holy Water”. A slow-burning track which channels back to Gundelach’s signature dark, moody pop craft, the song builds with brooding distant synths and stunning vocal melodies for an eventual climatic burst that you’ll need to hear to experience.

As Gundelach notes, “The lyrics of ‘Holy Water’ don’t really make sense as a narrative. It’s more of a feeling, something abstract. I get the same feeling every time I listen to it though. The same feeling I got when I listened to ‘Boris’ back in 2012.”

“Holy Water” comes on the heels of recent track “Garden,” Gundelach’s first new single since the release of his debut EP last year. A churning disco track anchored by a smooth-as-silk bassline that rolls like a tidal wave, “Garden” was a re-introduction for Gundelach and marked the beginning of a string collaborations from his forthcoming debut LP.

Holy Water by Gundelach

Holy Water is out July 28th. It’ co-produced by Gundelach and John Calvert. Co-written with Nanna Brickman. Mixed by Knut Sævik.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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