Stand Atlantic Unveil New Single “Mess I Made”

Alternative pop rock outfit Stand Atlantic have released their brand new track, “Mess I Made”, taken from their upcoming EP Sidewinder, due out September 15th via Rude Records. The track as told by Fraser “is about making mistakes and dealing with the simple fact that only you can fix them, as much as you wish they’d fix themselves.”

Off the forthcoming EP came their first single “Coffee At Midnight.” Fraser expands by stating, “Coffee At Midnight” is about that feeling of desperately trying to cling onto something or someone versus finally letting go and realising that maybe it just wasn’t that great in the first place.” The band enlisted in music video director Kieran Ellis-Jones to create a more abstract/non linear story of two people’s relationship. Fraser continues, “something that most people can relate to.”

Stand Atlantic – Mess I Made (Official Lyric Video)

Official lyric video for ‘Mess I Made’ by Stand Atlantic off their EP, ‘Sidewinder’.

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