Premiere: Legacy At Heart Announce Debut Album ‘Faces’ + Premiere New Single “Forsaken”

Chicago, IL rock outfit Legacy At Heart have been working away tirelessly over the past couple of years to make music that not only strikes a note with them, but one that creates an enjoyable listening experience that relates to the core of people. That’s why it’s truly an honor for us to lift the wrappings off of what these four guys have been crafting for the better part of two years as the band is thrilled to announce their debut album, Faces, will be available on September 1st. Album pre-orders are available on iTunes now.

Coinciding with the album announcement, we also have the pleasure of premiering the bands brand new single entitled “Forsaken”, which features a guest appearance from Garret Rapp of The Color Morale and Dylan Bradberry of CrookedYoung. Per the band, “Forsaken is a song that showcases the internal conflict with the on-going struggle of trying to move on from your past mistakes in life. Yet not allowing yourself to do so because you want the world to forgive you also.”

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Delving further into what Faces means to them, here’s what the band has to say about the record:

“In today’s generation, many people live their life hiding behind a mask. And they do so in order to be loved, accepted, wanted and more. With “Faces” we wanted to convey the message of being yourself, and to not hide behind a mask in life. The record itself is very dark as you progress throughout the album. Many of the topics are very personal and are different throughout the record. At the end of the day, the message we want to convey with this record is to help people understand that this world is meant to shine by us being ourselves. There is only 1 you in this world, and by being yourself that’s what makes this world shine. No matter how dark our individual lives may be, we hope that this record can help those lost in the dark.”

Additionally, each band member had something to say about the record and recording process itself and what if feels like to finally release a project they’ve devoted such a long time to:

Ryan Bradley: After the record was finished, we left the studio realizing that we were a very different and evolved band. I’m excited to get it out to the world and showcase the next chapter of Legacy At Heart.

Maurice Castillejo: I am very proud of what we have created here, and seeing it finally coming to life is surreal. This experience has been two years in the making and we are excited to share that with everyone.This album is an emotional ride and I think people will be able to relate to it’s message.

Arnley Sena: its really great to see the work that was put into this record finally shed the light of day. After a long period of non-stop work for this record, I’m eager to see what the world thinks. 

Carlos Garay: It’s an amazing feeling being able to finally show to the world the record that we continuously worked on for 2 years. This record taught us a lot, and showed us a lot about ourselves individually, and as a band. After 2 long years of non-stop hardwork and patience, we are excited to show the world what we poured our hearts into. 

Legacy At Heart – Forsaken feat. Garret Rapp & Dylan Bradberry (Official Audio Stream)

Legacy At Heart’s official audio for the track ‘Forsaken’ feat. Garret Rapp of The Color Morale and Dylan Bradberry of CrookedYoung from their debut album Faces.

Faces Tracklisting
1. Crossroads
2. Enemy
3. Forsaken (feat. Garret Rapp & Dylan Bradberry)
4. Sol (feat. Xander Bourgeois)
5. De-Void
6. Fragile
7. Razors
8. Hollow & Alive
9. Forgive Me
10. Faces (feat. Nick Matthews)

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