Stargazer Release New Single “Skinwalker”

Stargazer have released their brand new single, “Skinwalker”, which is taken off their upcoming album Tui La, due out August 18th.

The band is here to bring their A-game with their last single before the album comes: dark and aggressive, “Skinwalker” showcases a side of Stargazer we haven’t recently seen with their first two singles. The band can easily bring into their music a whole different vibe with every new song they craft: from beautifully melodic, to aggressive and passionate, fans cannot run into any kind of boredom when giving a spin to the tracks. And there’s definitely enough to entice the most picky of listeners: whether you like mellow, The Contortionist-esque vibes with beautiful clean vocals, or a more sharp, powerful track with harsh screaming and groovy musicianship a la Devin Townsend, chances are, you will not be left hanging, but only wanting more.

Matt Copp (vocals) had a couple of things to add about the track: A feel in 7 that’s just plain old fun, “Skinwalker” is aggressive as hell with Townsend-inspired passages and sensual expression. Dark, dry staccato juxtaposed with haunting legato and a controlled panic drive the song towards a punishing climax, followed by the calm between storms. Listen for the explosive drums and bathe in the rhythmic unity.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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