Stepping Sideways Release “Path of the Hero” Lyric Video

New Orleans rock outfit Stepping Sideways have released the lyric video for their debut single, “Path of the Hero” which serves as a driving force in what’s to come from the band’s upcoming EP set to release later this year.

“We are all incredibly excited about the release of our lyric video for “Path Of The Hero”. This song is about the many difficulties that we face during our life here on Earth. In dealing with these challenges we have all had moments where we have come to a crossroad and are in need of guidance. It is during that moment in time that we need to be shown the “Path Of The Hero”.” – Guitarist, Joey Vasatka

Path of the Hero – Stepping Sideways Lyric Video

The lyric video of our debut single “Path of the Hero” Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at KonKrete Studios.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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