EP Review: Vanish – From Sheep To Wolves

Throughout all of the hoopla for “different” in modern day society, there’s still those who yearn for the days of old. While it probably has more to do with the nostalgia factor more than anything, where things are at today most likely wouldn’t be where they are at without the aspects, stylizations, experimentation and creativity that came before it. After all, what’s old is new again as evident by the 90’s roaring back into mainstream media with a mass appeal that has an effect far greater than simply nostalgia. Thanks to this drive for earlier sounds and stylings, newer artists are rising from the crop below with a sound derived from the mid to late 2000’s while offering the modern production and spectacle many have come to expect. This is where New Jersey quintet Vanish enter the fray with their debut EP From Sheep To Wolves, which blurs the sound of acts like Pierce the Veil and Ice Nine Kills while adding a dose of their own identity, resulting in a standout debut that will surely put the band on the map.

[tw-toggle title=”About Vanish”]
Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Outerloop Records
Release: July 21, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

There’s two things that will jump out to new listeners of Vanish. One, at times, vocalist Patrick Hamilton has an innate resemblance to Pierce the Veil’s frontman Vic Fuentes. This undoubtedly will serve as a positive and negative for the band as the higher pitched vocals aren’t for everyone and it will most likely make some assume Vanish is trying to copy another band’s sound. In the first case, there’s not much you can do about preference, but the latter argument should be dismissed as the overall sound on From Sheep To Wolves is slightly darker and much less drama-oriented from composition to delivery. This also leads into the second aspect that many listeners will immediately be drawn to and that lies within the fact that it has a familiar sound. Again, that shouldn’t be taken as a negative as the tracks that make up From Sheep To Wolves rise and fall with the underlying instrumentation and overlaid vocals, giving each moment it’s time to shine, letting the mix work with them, rather than against them. By doing this, the sound comes across less forced in hopes of mimicking a sound and instead feels natural and freely flows. Couple that with the much more modernized taken on the genre, with an emphasis on mature songwriting and brilliant composition that spans from subtle, haunting keys to atmospheric openers and searing riffs, and the end result is a perfect display of what building on top of influences rather than solely copying them can create.

Vanish – Paper House [Official Lyric Video] (ft. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)

“Paper House” off the EP From Sheep To Wolves available now https://Vanish.lnk.to/FSTW PAPER HOUSE There’s a fire burning inside my lungs Wonder if it’s only me or are we not having fun I can keep a straight face when you deserve the blame So I’ll sit back and just watch

While the desire and continuation of many bands following the hoopla of modern day music is at full force, there’s still artists that have the burning desire to create the sound that they fell in love with originally. That’s where Vanish excel as they have delivered an impeccable display of musicianship and maturity on their debut EP, letting the music speak for itself by giving each moment its own place in the spotlight. It’s a refreshing take on the current trend of creating music that feels overly complicated simply for the sake of being technical and complex and even though From Sheep To Wolves will assuredly feel akin to other bands or a sound that has waned in prominence, it’s crafted with a modern day spin making it something truly memorable.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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