EP Review: Vault 51 – Kid

When new bands arise, from the launch of their sound to their overall image, timing is everything. If you go too long between songs and/or releases, the immediate luster and interest slowly fades and if music is released in a flurry the thought of “what now” will linger on for many months or years to come. In April of 2016 when Atlanta, GA rock outfit Vault 51 were introduced to the world, there was an insanely high amount of fervor that immediately seemed to surround the group as their sound blended post hardcore elements into a modern day rock sound that grabbed listeners immediately. The promise of their debut EP releasing later that year came and went as silence befell the camp leading to many wondering exactly was going on. After nearly a year of silence, the group re-emerged with a new single and eventually the announcement of their debut EP, Kid which shows that the high fervor and anticipation was well worth the wait.

[tw-toggle title=”About Vault 51″]
Genre: Alternative Rock | Post Hardcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: July 20, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

Vault 51 has a sound that primarily is derived from alternative rock but at times, leans into the post hardcore instrumental side. It’s this blending of elements that truly drives the sound forward and helps Kid remain engaging, energetic and extremely long-lasting, even though 3 of the 6 songs have been previously released. Take for example the EP opener “Thirty Six” which not only sets the pace for the remaining tracks, but showcases the varied styles and multifacted approach that Vault 51 take with their release as the ticking of a clock fades as the opening riff overtakes it, blasting off into a full band sound before vocals enter the fray. Not to be outdone, the second track “We Don’t Care” starts with no buildup and soars straight out of the gate as slightly rougher singing takes center stage with the massive and incredibly catchy chorus soaring showcasing both vocal styles beautifully, assuring fans will be screaming “We don’t care anymore!” along with the band. Lest we not forget the budding bridge that briefly fades out the full sonic showcase, letting the drumming shine vividly under another dual style vocal display.

Vault 51 – Magnolia

Merch: http://vault51.net/merch Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Vault51official Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/Vault51official The halo you hold so close. And the angel you love, can hurt you the most. Asleep in the church of time. We offer our lives, for shame when we die. If you’re a saint then help me understand, who I am.

Heading into the third track, “Magnolia”, which also served as the latest single Vault 51 opt for a stronger incorporation of atmosphere as the aura of the bands sound starts to lean towards the more emotional side of music. After all, when they released this song as a single the band felt it was a perfect reflection on the overall theme that Kid presents — the idea that as we grow older, life seems to pass us by more and more quickly. The more emotional driven sound continues taking prevalence on the second half of the EP as “Wildfire” and “Mourning View” are chock full of emotion, accentuated brilliantly by background keys, and crooning, smooth singing that doesn’t go against the grain of the lyrical and thematic context that Kid is all about. Harping more on “Mourning View” for a moment, it’s the closest that Vault 51 get in regards to a ballad, but truly highlights the bands versatility with a nice change of pace that will assuredly give listeners chills with its harrowing story. Closing out the release is “Sincerely Me”, which served as the bands first single when they introduced themselves to the world. Musically, it feels as the best overall representation of their sound as it starts strong with stylized vocals that are faded out before haunting synths slide into the picture, taking center stage before the massive chorus comes into play, kicking the song into overdrive highlighting all aspects of Vault 51’s sound.

While it took longer than the band and fans had hoped, Vault 51’s debut is a fantastic and memorable release that has a sound fully unique to them. This is helped by a central theme that the lyrical content is derived from; one that not only shows, but tells us how life is passing us by at a quicker page as we age. To enhance this message, Kid utilizes subtle cues to make it even more apparent; such as the ticking of a clock that opens up the EP on “Thirty Six” or the unforgettable imagery of a third grader watching planes fly into towers conveyed in “Mourning View”. Whether it’s these moments, the instrumental buildups and crescendos that back the vocal delivery on each track or the rest of the elements presented throughout each track, the end result is six songs that are full of choruses, variety and moments that will inevitably linger on in listeners heads for weeks and months to come.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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