Showoff Announce New Album ‘Midwest Side Story’ + Debut New Song “Popular Kid”

Beloved Chicago pop punk band Showoff are back in action and have announced plans to release their new album, Midwest Side Story this coming September 22 on Dodgeball Records, the newly launched label by band front-man Chris Messer. The band have premiered their new song, “Popular Kid”, via Alt. Press today.

Front man Chris Messer tells AP, “The song is about my life growing up, but we all feel it’s relatable to all people who feel disenfranchised or made to feel bad about themselves. Basically, it lets them know that they aren’t alone; and the people that matter in life, don’t care if they are popular or not, they care about them a human being on a much deeper level.”

Showoff – “Popular Kid” from Midwest Side Story

Showoff’s new album comes out September 22nd. You can pre-order it via Dodgeball records on July 21st and get this track along with 3 others immediately.

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