Premiere: Track by Track Breakdown of Reckless Intentions Debut EP Lights

British newcomers Reckless Intentions are determined to make a name for themselves in the music scene and their engaging debut EP Lights is their launching point. Due out on all outlets on Friday, July 14th, the pop punkers have revealed only bits of their contagious sound that is influenced by a bevy of artists, such as punk icons Green Day and The Clash, and iconic rock bands like the Foo Fighters all the way to contemporary kings All Time Low and Moose Blood. Today, we are pleased to bring fans and newcomers alike the an exclusive breakdown of Lights, as the band have broken down the detail and meaning to each track on the forthcoming EP.

For more on Reckless Intentions and to stay up to date on the latest news, you can follow them on their socials: Facebook | Twitter | HomepageiTunes

Ghost Town

We wanted the EP to start with a dark feel, so Matty (vocals, rhythm guitar) pulled out this old acoustic song that he’d written a few years back, added an opening riff to it and that was pretty much Ghost Town’s beginning as a Reckless Intentions song. The song came from a pretty dark place personally; it’s about losing something/someone important to you – when a massive part of who you are is missing and you just look around the town that you’ve been in your whole life and think “Where the fuck am I?”. It’s about something that seemed safe and comfortable suddenly feeling foreign and unknown. I think it’s a great introduction to our band, it’s a simple, aggressive track with an old school view on the appropriate use of power chords, far too many layers of guitar and catchy choruses to round it all off.


No Description


Stitches stemmed from the universal idea that everyone has these “stitches” that are holding them together while the scars of their past heal, and is about a relationship where someone takes advantage of those scars and risks reopening old wounds with little care for the person they’re hurting. The song is much more upbeat than it’s predecessor and has a bit more of an early 2000s feel to it, taking influence from bands like Good Charlotte and Blink-182, while still fitting perfectly within the Reckless Intentions “sound”. It’s definitely one of our favourites on the EP – when we were writing it we really clicked into gear and I feel like it sums up what we do perfectly.

RCKLSS ARCHIVE: Reckless Intentions – Stitches (Lyric Video)

The official lyric video for the first track we ever released, ‘Stitches’. For merchandise, tour dates and more, check out our website at! Keep up to date with all the latest news across our social media: Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – All parts written and performed by RCKLSS.


Lights is literally just the four of us in the studio jamming. It came out of the last chord of Stitches (as on the record), Matty just played the opening bit and we kind of went from there. It’s standing on the EP signals a bit of a change in attitude – it’s sort of like a calm, reflective minute and a half where the EP starts to turn around and lean more towards the light after the first two ‘darker’ tracks.


This is our “throw the TV out the window” song – it’s a carefree track about standing up and being yourself in a place where people care more about appearances than happiness. The lyrics basically encourage you to just enjoy being you, enjoy being a hopeless outcast and just ignore anyone who is sad enough to care what you do with something as insignificant as your hair.
It’s probably one of the more traditional punk songs we’ve written, there’s not really a whole lot of complexity to it – pretty much just the 4 of us hitting things as hard as we can.


In all honesty, Home probably took us about 20 minutes to write. It was one of those tracks that just came together and felt good from the get go. We feel like if there was a way to end the EP, this was it – it’s a proper song of redemption; rediscovering yourself and filling the void of whatever’s gone on in the past. It’s got everything – a ballad-y start, gang vocals, the simplest but best guitar solo Lewis has ever written and a huge ending. We wanted a track that showed everything we can do, and I think “Home” definitely does that.

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