Album Review: Belle Haven – You, Me and Everything In Between

As people, we all have different dreams and goals, and behind those dreams are driving forces. For some, it’s reaching the pinnacle of a sport and striving to be the best while others retain a desire to help the world as a whole. Whatever it may be, everyone at one point or another has had a dream or desire. With all dreams though comes the unexpected struggle and moments happen that feel like the breaking point and make you want to give everything up and move on to something else. It’s these moments that show true resolve and determination, typically resulting in a better outcome on the other side. Melbourne post hardcore outfit Belle Haven have detailed their struggles surrounding their new album, You, Me and Everything In Between, such as the idea that 6 months ago they began wondering whether it would ever be released or not. Luckily for us, the album is soon to be unleashed onto the world and it’s a beautiful clash of old and new sounds while serving as an everlasting reminder that nothing comes easy in life, but in the end its definitely worth it.

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Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Greyscale Records
Release: June 16, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Choose Service

While it wouldn’t be entirely accurate to call You, Me and Everything In Between a full-fledged concept album, it definitely has a different approach that lies within its underlying creation compared to many artists who tend to create music that’s derived more from an emotional standpoint. Each track that Belle Haven have crafted on this record correlates to someone or an experience that they’ve personally dealt with, many of which came within the past few years. Some of the tracks are relatively common experiences, such as the album opener, “You”, which revolves around the love for a girl who eventually left or “The Carving Knife”, which is about breaking fear of the fear of asking for help. Other tracks are less about an emotional moment and more about seeing people for who they really are as in “Selfmade” or being on the receiving end of empty and unfulfilled promises as detailed in “HighfLIAR”. It’s these real and raw experiences, detailing the story of what Belle Haven went through when it came to conceptualizing and completing You, Me and Everything In Between that separate it from many other albums.

Belle Haven – “Selfmade” (Official Music Video)

Taken from Belle Haven’s new album “You, Me and Everything in Between.” available now: Follow Greyscale Records on social media! Subscribe to Greyscale: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music Video Directed by Cian Marangos Music Video Edited By Belle Haven Produced & Engineered by Matthew Goldman Mix by Matt McClellan Mastered by Kristofer Crummett at Interlace Audio —- Are you finding it hard to move?

With the background and concept behind the record detailed, the other side lies within how it sounds musically and yet again, Belle Haven show off their immense talent. You, Me and Everything In Between is a beautiful blend of older post hardcore stylings in its composition and delivery with modern production and techniques. Stylistically, this gives the album a very early 2000’s emo vibe upon initial impression musically, as it contains a distinct softness to its energetic and raw approach that comes across more calming than one would expect. This approach can easily be attributed to the songwriting as the song structures don’t rely on the typical post hardcore patterns and instead rely more on crescendoing moments that envelop the listener, bringing them into each songs world. On top of that, the instrumentation and vocal delivery go hand in hand, never drowning out one another and instead complimenting the other aspect, letting each moment shine as required. Couple this with some incredible production decisions to add additional layers of atmosphere to tracks like the almost magical sounding synths on “Burn the Witch”, vocal chopping on “Highfliar” or haunting backing vocals on “Ghost” and the end result is a record that is cohesive, yet full of distinct, differentiating sounds.

For all of the hardships and negative experiences that Belle Haven have dealt with in regards to the creation of You, Me and Everything In Between, this definitely would not be the same album without those moments. Instead of letting those moments end their dreams, they delivered a prime example that unexpected struggles will happen and everyone hits a breaking point, but the times where we push through to the other side are truly worth it. By doing so, You, Me and Everything In Between comes across full of life and reality instead of manufactured and empty, creating an everlasting album that is relatable, energetic and inspiring.

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