Album Review: Hollow – Home Is Not Where The Heart Is

While it tends to be an overlooked aspect of music, especially for artists who go by more of a persona compared to a solo artist who goes by their own name, an act or group is a reflection of the personalities of the people that it consists of. When looking at music from this perspective, a different light is shed on what we inevitably choose to listen to and gives a clearer picture on what the music is presenting in its overall package. Keeping this ideology at the forefront of the mind, when St. Louis, Missouri metalcore outfit Hollow came across our path one thing became abruptly clear; these are angry and emotional people who have a stark view of the world and want to inform people of what they feel is coming. The outcome of that anger and emotion is the bands debut album, Home Is Not Where The Heart Is, which hits heavily from all angles and is an album that should definitely be heard.

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Genre: Metalcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: June 9, 2017
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At it’s core, Home Is Not Where The Heart Is is a pretty straight forward “core” sounding album as Hollow follow a tried, but true formula. That being said, it does a multitude of things very well and blends styles from across the spectrum while introducing a few distinct elements that will help it really stand out above a crowded playing field. For one, the overall theme behind the record is one rarely explored in the current day as Hollow delve into some of the realities that may fall upon the world as natural resources dry up and how the world may seem to fine to individuals, but from the overall viewpoint, it’s on its way towards a bleak, dystopian future. This theme is the driving point behind Home Is Not Where The Heart Is and throughout the eleven track journey that makes up the record, there are few, if any glimpses of hope.

Hollow – Delta F508 (Official Video)

Taken from the debut album Home Is Not Where The Heart Is, available everywhere June 9th. Video directed and shot by Jeremy Brookover.

Another element that keeps this from being standard affair of metalcore music lies within the utilization of different instrumental styles. The base sound doesn’t rely heavily on over usage of a singular element such as chugs, blast beats or double bass, rather it combines them with other elements of music from the core spectrum. There’s tracks that incorporate electronics and synths while others like “Too Far Gone” and “Tonguespeak” see softer approaches to the sound with the former being a building track that explodes with searing riffs and huge melodies while the latter is a bleak, distant sounding song that reflects the emptiness of the world. Its this balance of aggressive, brooding vocals and hard hitting, headbanging instrumentation that makes the overall sound blend beautifully with the dark, deserted end of the world theme.

Music is supposed to be a representation of the people who craft it, and there’s no truer statement to be found here. Hollow have admitted that they are angry people and that they have a fascination with a world in which the future is desolate and barren and how many people are corrupted by greed, which is on clear display throughout the entirety of Home Is Not Where The Heart Is. It’s a stark contrast to the vast majority of music which tends to harken around pure emotion, which in and of itself is a strong reason to give this record a spin. In this case however, the musicality is also a contrast of what typical metalcore provides as they delved into the realm of deathcore, post hardcore and more with inklings of all genres throughout, making Home Is Not Where The Heart Is a strong debut and leaving listeners wondering what these guys will come up with next.

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