Song-By-Song Album Review: Eidola- To Speak, to Listen

Eidola- To Speak, to Listen album cover

Eidola’s To Speak, to Listen is slowly burning its way into my top ten.

To Speak, to Listen translates seamlessly between soft, potent lyrics and intense presence. Eidola’s second full-length has dozens of breathtaking moments, which revolve around expertly composed themes in each song. Instruments interlock together in these moments into some of the most dynamic Post Hardcore moments I’ve ever seen.

To Speak, to Listen takes half a dozen styles of each instrument, and makes them look easy. It makes funky signatures one by one and makes them comfortable. It puts a mind-boggling amount into fifty minutes of music. So much, that a song-by-song micro review is what feels natural. So let’s buckle up.

[tw-toggle title=”About Eidola”]
Genre: Progressive Post Hardcore
LabelBlue Swan Records
Release: June 2nd, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play | Bandcamp

The Abstract of a Planet in Resolve

“Once again, here I am. On the precipice of emphasis..” The unclean vocals thunder with a wall of sound hailing a return. Rhythm between three instruments is seamless and ferocious, and an underwater-sounding refrain takes rhythm to a smooth place. The lyrics are poetic exposition to world problems, and introspective as hell. The vocals swivel between bassy croons to explosive unclean vocals. Finally, the vocal sound of “Stop at the edge of the earth” is inspired.

You can find the song here.


From haze, a melancholy blue guitar starts. Deep, imperative lyrics make a lonely scene, until a celestial guitar lick hits. The percussion feels like a chase, and lyrics hit me with astounding relatability. Afterward, the vocals feel like a deep exhale. Pulsating percussion brings the chase to a drop, and the melancholy guitar grows into a planet-sized choir. It’s a jaw-dropping moment.

Check out the gorgeous music video for Tetelestai here.

Primitive Economics

The guitar’s theme sounds explosive, like a comet falling. After, the unclean vocals hit sudden and hard, with fast-moving instrument layers. A guitar solo rolls cool and clicks into one groovy rhythm layer. Guitar and both vocalists mesh individual power moments into a jaw-dropping sound. Sudden guitar fanfares bring multiple instrument themes into a screaming overdrive. The tap guitar end sounds excellent.


The first four notes of Querents bring excellent early Circa Survive sound, with tastier chords. The lyrics expand a dream into an image and a story, with chilling vocal falsetto. A vocal break like a soft vortex with delicious percussion brings on a perfect chorus. Lyrics, tempo, and vocals go into overdrive in a moment I yearn to see live. An insanely cool black-smoke transition and plenty of unique moments between each golden chorus make Querents one of my favorite songs off the album.

Amplissimus Machina

A few tempo clicks, and a burning maelstrom ensues. Guitars snarl, unclean vocals thunder. It’s harsh like a desert sunset. A signature Eidola progression puts a cool cherry on top. The transitions sound like ethereal tunnels, with clean vocals floating over. A massive intersecting power moment drops the jaw. A refrain and a dreamy key change reminds me me of Artifex Pereo. A sizzling moment between contortionist clean vocals and fire-breathing uncleans connect to the melody. A spacey sounding bridge turns into a slew guitar chugs that drip finality to end the song.

Check out Amplissimus Machina here.


Loti is an exceptional ballad. The easy triplet rhythm combines with self-reflective lyrics that crack the heart open line a walnut. Evident self-truth radiates from the lyrics and fills me with peace. The inspiring chorus grows bigger each time through the piece, with a sweet instrumental part in between. A vocal line waves like an empowering banner and fades away with a sweet refrain.


Dendrochronology questions and preaches in indescribably satisfying ways. Seldom-seen time signatures meld together comfortably. The lyrics feel like a deep exhale that cascades into a rollicking power moment between vocals, guitar, and percussion. Repeated whispers of “destroy and rebuild” crescendo into a golden tremolo moment. The clean vocalist hits low bass notes with surprising ease. A triple-faceted power moment is one of the most dynamic in the album. This song is an achievement for Progressive Post.

The Familiar

Standalone guitar riffs and unorthodox time signatures make for an amazing intro. The explosive moments between unclean vocals and guitar are a highlight. The vocal transition halfway into the song is uniquely blood-boiling, one of my favorite parts of the album. Tension keeps building until a single clean vocal cue sets off a powder-keg of energy. The motion throughout this song is phenomenal.

Houses Movement III: Rust-Rebuild

The entire song feels sincerely sinister and has the most intense unclean vocals on this album. If Amplissimus was a firestorm, this is like descending into hell on a Mardi Gras weekend. The high-register vocals are masterful. A sludgy sounding intro, kicking groove rhythm reminiscent to Dance Gavin Dance, and two 10/10 guitar riffs make this my favorite song of the album.

Sri Vishnu Yantra

Sri Vishnu Yantra starts cloudy and ambient. This song has baffling success switching between soft wisdom and intensity. The chorus hits with the biggest chords and strongest relatable lyrics on the whole album. Poets will rejoice in this chorus. The unclean put a fierce connotation to warm, caring acts that remind me of Elenora’s poetic screams. Out of nowhere, a super-intense one-on-one monolog gives the end a fateful feeling.

Transcendentium, Pt. 1: Zoroastrian

Unique ambient chords feel like an open ocean in the intro. Awesome imagery turns into a full-throttle tap guitar line that reminds me of Eddie Van Halen’s Explosion. An instrumental full-throttle follows. A refreshing moment of sunglasses-cool chords on the upbeat ring into memorable guitar solos and unclean tirades. It all keeps growing in a maddening crescendo until “We are one” becomes hype-filled, and believable. It’s powerful.

Transcendentium, Pt. 2: Fourth Temple

The Fourth installment of the temple series kicks off immediately, with a characteristically strong guitar. Subtle, ambient guitar themes go from beginning to end of the song and are insanely pleasant. Another Dance Gavin Dance-Esque rhythm deeply satisfies and breaks through into a badass guitar solo. Superspeed tremolo guitar fits under a sprawling vocal line, which ends in a connection of one last theme. The rest of the song is a poignant farewell.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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