Heirsound Drops New Video for “Lacuna”

Alternative pop duo Heirsound have shared a teaser off the second installment of their Layers trilogy with their new video for their new single “Lacuna”. “Lacuna” takes a step away from the story you’ve been following thus far, adding in a new character. Alexa San Román describes further:

“Have you ever met someone who you felt like you knew in a past life? The second you started talking it was like you were picking up where you once left off? It felt like how I would imagine it would feel if you had someone erased from your memory and then met them again. ‘Lacuna’ provides a glimpse of familiarity, hope & a distraction from a cloudy mindset.” – Alexa San Román

For the concept and  artwork of LayersHeirsound decided that an anatomy theme fit best to give this collection a face & visual. Skin, muscle & bone represent each EP and the lyrical content of each EP corresponds to each layer.  Vol. 1 [Skin] deals with the surface level emotions (anger / attraction), and musically their instrumentals are the most electronic and synthetic sounding with heavy drums and high energy.  Vol. 2 [Muscle] gets deeper underneath the skin where more complex emotions lay (confusion / anxiety / new feelings) – backed by a more organic guitar & drum musical sound with a middle ground energy.  Vol. 3 [Bone] is where the deepest most sentimental emotional songs sit lyrically (acceptance / love) & instrumentally the music has a slow soft energy.

HEIRSOUND – “Lacuna” [Official Music Video]

Official Music Video for “Lacuna” LAYERS, VOLUME II OUT NOW: bit.ly/LayersVol2 Video by Alexa & Sam San Roman www.alexasanroman.com www.samsanromanphoto.com Lyrics: Verse I swear I’ve seen her before inside another world because I feel a little more than comfortable with somebody I don’t even know I’m trying hard but I think it shows ’cause I just wanna know you get in your head and show you that maybe there’s something better than what you’ve been going through now.


What Are Your Thoughts!

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