Show Review: “The Lovely, Little, Lonely World Tour” ft. The Maine

For the past two months, Arizona’s alternative-rock outfit, The Maine has been touring across the country in celebration of their newest release, Lovely, Little, Lonely. In support of The Maine, the bands Beach Weather and The Mowgli’s joined the road for “The Lovely, Little, Lonely, World Tour.” On May 5th, I got the chance to experience all three of the bands live for the first time at the Crofoot Ball Room in Pontiac, Michigan.

All photos taken by Lynn Crochet

The show opened with Beach Weather, a small alternative/indie group consisting of Nick Santino (vocals/guitar), Reeve Powers (bass), and Austin Scates (drums). The band’s set-list consisted of tracks from their albums What A Drag and Chit Chat. I’m not really big on the indie genre, however, I was impressed with this trio. Not a lot of people in the crowd knew of the band, but there were a few chanting “Beach Weather” before the guys took the stage. The members did a great job of getting the audience to join in with a few of the songs and jamming out. Santino made a point to talk and connect with the audience, making jokes about Power’s jacket and picking out a few people in the crowd to join in the conversation. The band’s stage presence has a very cool and relaxed vibe, but their performance has the ability to hype up an entire room, which left a great impression on their new fans.

Following next in line was The Mowgli’s, another indie-style band consisting of six members based out of Los Angeles. It was clear that the audience was definitely familiar with this band, many of them going wild once the members took the stage. From the time the music started, the crowd was singing along to every song. At one point front-woman Katie Earl brought on a young girl to the stage to join them in their performance. To try and box The Mowgli’s in just one category would be nearly impossible. Their style of music ranges from rock and roll to indie with elements of pop, folk, and country. It sounds odd to think that a band would blend all of these elements together, and it is, but these guys (and gal) somehow manage to pull it off.

All photos taken by Lynn Crochet

Lastly, the moment that every one in the room had been waiting for, the five guys all dressed with class and floral took over the stage. First, I’d like to talk about The Maine’s stage props and decorations. Most bands include a fancy backdrop topped with some cool lighting to add a little pizzazz to the show. The Maine went far beyond this. The stage floor was covered with artificial grass along with speakers and risers dressed in bright pink flowers that gave the impression you were walking through a garden. The lighting was out of this world. The back drop was a simple dark blue with fairy lights all over, representing the night sky. There was also clouds that hovered above the band, occasionally lighting up, and the bright lights just above the risers that shined periodically throughout the show. I’ve been to countless shows, and The Maine by far tops off any stage presence I’ve ever seen.


The band opened with “Black Butterflies and Deja Vu.” There was an immediate electric surge from both the band and the crowd that continued to feed throughout the entire show. Front-man John O’ Callaghan did a tremendous job of getting the crowd involved with the show. He spoke to the crowd as a whole and even picked out individuals to directly speak with, from the front row to the back of the room, and even those were up in the balcony. The band of course performed songs of their newest release Lovely, Little, Lonely, but they also included songs from many of their past albums including “English Girls,” “We Roll Along,” and “Diet Soda.” The wide variety in their set-list gave off a nostalgic vibe for many fans, while embracing a new sound that they’ve ventured in with this new release.


If you missed your chance to see The Maine this spring, you can still see them this summer! The band continues on with “The Lovely, Little, Lonely World Tour” from now through July 23rd. They’ll also be joining the Dashboard Confessional and The All American Rejects starting July 25th through August 13th. To see if the band will be in a city near you, click here for the tour dates and tickets.


Be sure to click on the links below to stay up-to-date with The Maine and their oncoming adventures!


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