Kevin Blake Goodwin Releases New Single “CombatiKa”

Kevin Blake Goodwin has paid tribute to the armed forces this Memorial Day Weekend with his new single, “CombatiKa”, a djent-metal style acoustic guitar track that’s a showcase of his outrageous skills.

Goodwin explains: “My background is metal and I’m heavily influenced by electric players like Tosin Abasi, but then I looked at New Age acoustic fingerstyle, people like Michael Hedges, and by blending those things I developed my style.” And those influences are both evident in his acoustic and electric playing.

When playing electric guitar, he incorporates fingerstyle guitar techniques that are hardly seen in the heavy metal / Djent electric world. In the acoustic realm, it’s fingerstyle playing, but not the way you’ve ever heard it before. When playing acoustic, Goodwin’s approach is percussive, startling, composed of riffs and rhythms and short, sharp lines that grab the listener. He makes the acoustic guitar electric. It’s a powerhouse, and “CombatiKa” highlights his formidable talents and strengths on the instrument.

“It’s all straight guitar,” Goodwin says. “What you hear is just me playing. There aren’t any effects except some reverb. No loops or anything like that. I play all parts at once.  People who are not familiar with fingerstyle guitar techniques think that I am playing on top of tracks. When questioned, I simply lead them to links of me playing CombatiKa live.”

CombatiKa (Official Video) – Kevin Blake Goodwin

Kevin (Blake) Goodwin’s original composition, CombatiKa is a fingerstyle acoustic guitar approach to metal. Blake resides in Conway, Arkansas and is the 2015 winner of the Canadian (International) Fingerstyle Guitar Competition and the 2016, 2017, and 2018 Guitar Wars Winner.

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