Album Review: Villes – The Cure

Due to the internet and its incredible reach and variety, peoples’ horizons have been opened up and expanded unlike anything before. This works beautifully for music in both platforms it holds control over – creation and listening. The creation of music is so drastically different today in not only methodology, but in output as well as differing tastes and styles have started to blend together into sounds that contain more depth than simply being labeled as experimental. It’s this blending of sounds that has helped keep a fresh approach to fan favorite genres and coupled with the multitude avenues of listening, bring unknown artists and genres to the top. Riding this wave of new artists are relative newcomers to the Western world in Villes who are gearing up for the release of their debut album, The Cure which focuses on their own brand of post hardcore fused with incredibly catchy and well composed pop sensibilities, resulting in one of the strongest post hardcore releases in years.

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Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Shibui Records
Release: May 29, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes

Many longtime genre fans tend to get leery when a band describes their sound and includes the word “pop” as it correlates to a softer sound or signature elements taking prominent roles. While Villes do offer up a style that leans towards the lighter end of the post hardcore spectrum, The Cure finds itself in rare company as its insanely catchy, incredibly energetic and memorable and simply provides an extremely fun listen. This can all be attributed to the impressive amount of variety found on the album as bangers like “The Cure” or “Step Down (feat. Ryo Kinoshita of Crystal Lake)” blend and balance well with softer, yet still upbeat, rhythmic tracks like “Stage 4” or “City of Gold”. That leads to another extremely important aspect of The Cure and that lies within the features, all of which are utilized beautifully letting the feature bring their own unique style to the song, making each one a standout in its own regard.

Villes – The Fear Generation [feat. THELIONCITYBOY] (Official Video)

“The Fear Generation feat. THELIONCITYBOY” taken from their debut album “The Cure”, available now: ► ► Directed by Jasper Tan of Vadbibes *Click on “CC” for lyrics We are the voiceless Out of sight and out of mind Dark places, empty faces Feeding the fear generation So what’s the point of Running yourself to the ground?

Continuing down the path of highlights from The Cure, another one lies within the emotional depth and overall accompanying back instrumentals. As evident on tracks like “Stage 4” and “Don’t You Worry”, there’s a much softer and more love-tinged aspect to Villes that they’ve carried over fully into their music and put on display prominently. This plays well with the other themes found throughout the record such as toxic relationships (“The Levy, Pt.2”) or substance abuse of alcohol and drugs. Not only do these songs blend together thematically and musically, they fit the ideology that surrounds the purpose of the record which is to describe the many faces of addiction.

When taking everything mentioned above into account, it’s absolutely clear that The Cure is an album that demands multiple playthroughs and deserves a spot in people’s regular rotations. It’s truly rare for a band’s debut to be such an entertaining and well-crafted offering and there’s no other way to put it than to say that Villes knocked it out of the park. This is an album that clearly was composed with intricate care and detail as it has many faces put on display. While some of those may be stronger than others, as evidenced by standout songs like “Don’t You Worry”, “The Fear Generation” or “The Other Side”, there’s no indication that there aren’t big things in store for Villes’ future and that this is an album that must not be slept on.

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