Hiber Stream Debut EP ‘What You Wanted’

Indie pop-rock band, Hiber, are streaming their debut EP What You Wanted ahead of its release on May 20th. After seven years as the frontman and primary songwriter for sunny folk/rock band The Future Laureates, Hiber’s Danny Surico saw What You Wanted as a way of challenging himself creatively. “I wanted to see what would happen if I took everything I learned about songwriting over seven years, placed that knowledge in a space-time accelerator, and cultivated a new group of collaborators to help realize my vision for a slightly darker, pop/rock EP”, Surico describes. “There is a sadness and anger that comes through in some of these songs, but I still hope to convey a positive message in my lyrics.”

The resulting tracks have darker vibes housed within familiar pop melodies and song structures. Another new element for Surico is the incorporation of electronic elements, like synths and programmed beats, to compliment the live instrumentation of guitars, bass, percussion and vocals. With these new songs, Surico hopes listeners will identify with the angst and struggle that permeate throughout: “My hope is that even if not every song or lyric resonates, there’s something, even just a line or phrase, that strikes a chord with listeners.”

What Are Your Thoughts!

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