Eidola Premiere New Track “The Abstract of a Planet In Resolve”

Eidola have premiered their new single “The Abstract of A Planet In Resolve”, taken from their upcoming new album To Speak, To Listen out 6/2 via Blue Sawn Records. On the new track, the band shares: “‘Abstract’ was composed as an overture for To Speak, To Listen. A song that sort of serves as a compendium for the content you’re about to hear. The song is one of shortest and most straightforward pieces we’ve ever written, which is exactly how an overture is supposed to be. Short, sweet, dynamic, catchy, and a prelude for aspects of everything the listener is about to experience.

Eidola – The Abstract of a Planet in Resolve

Eidola – The Abstract of a Planet in Resolve To Speak, To Listen available June 2nd, 2017. PRE-ORDER NOW: http://eidola.merchnow.com/ https://eidolamusic.bandcamp.com/ Follow Eidola: https://www.facebook.com/eidolaUT/ https://www.instagram.com/eidola/ Video by John Howe Eidola will be on tour this May in support of the album with Hail The Sun, Capsize, and Limbs.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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