Coldfront Offer First Taste of New Album With “Everything You Want Me To Be”

Oakville, Ontario’s Coldfront have offered up the first taste of their forthcoming full length album with their new song and video for “Everything You Want Me To Be”. Coldfront guitarist/vocalist Chris Casarin commented on the video:

“We filmed the music video in a few different locations around the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and had a blast doing it with our good friend Miguel Barbosa of Yeah! Films. He pushed us out of our comfort zones and really captured our personalities in a way we haven’t shown on film before. My favourite scene to film was Jordan Black’s (Like Pacific) cameo – it was just hilarious to watch him hit Tom with that hot dog. Not to mention, minutes before that scene some drunk guy tried to steal the camera, not realizing we had a crew of 20 all watching it go down.”

Coldfront “Everything You Want Me to Be”

“Everything You Want Me to Be” is off Coldfront’s debut LP ‘Float Around’ available now! Get your copy at or digitally at Follow Coldfront: Lyrics: You said I let you down, You needed out somehow I’m standing in your way, Told me it’s over now How could I state my case?

What Are Your Thoughts!

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