Toronto post hardcore heavyweights Silverstein have announced their new album Dead Reflection will be out 7/14 via Rise Records/New Damage. In anticipation, the band have shared their new single, “Retrograde” and pre-orders are available here.

On the recording process, vocalist Shane Told notes: “We spent more time, and more blood, sweat, and tears on this record than any record before. It was brutal at times. We took a few different approaches and experimentations – tuning our guitars differently, and really pushing my vocals harder and higher.” Thematically, Dead Reflection goes deeper and angrier than past releases. “This record tells the story of how broken I was, how I found myself on a path of self destruction, and how I had to fight to get my sanity and happiness back. The year long journey was not an easy one. I fell down into many dark places, and ultimately I had to fight to resist against so many vices to get back into a positive light.”

Dead Reflection Tracklist
1. Last Looks
2. Retrograde
3. Lost Positives
4. Ghost
6. Mirror Box
7. Demons
8. The Afterglow
9. Cut and Run
10. Secret’s Safe
11. Whiplash