Silverstein Announce New Album ‘Dead Reflection’ + Drop New Single “Retrograde”

Photo Credit: Wyatt Clough

Toronto post hardcore heavyweights Silverstein have announced their new album Dead Reflection will be out 7/14 via Rise Records/New Damage. In anticipation, the band have shared their new single, “Retrograde” and pre-orders are available here.

On the recording process, vocalist Shane Told notes: “We spent more time, and more blood, sweat, and tears on this record than any record before. It was brutal at times. We took a few different approaches and experimentations – tuning our guitars differently, and really pushing my vocals harder and higher.” Thematically, Dead Reflection goes deeper and angrier than past releases. “This record tells the story of how broken I was, how I found myself on a path of self destruction, and how I had to fight to get my sanity and happiness back. The year long journey was not an easy one. I fell down into many dark places, and ultimately I had to fight to resist against so many vices to get back into a positive light.”

[tw-toggle title=”Dead Reflection Tracklist”]
1. Last Looks
2. Retrograde
3. Lost Positives
4. Ghost
6. Mirror Box
7. Demons
8. The Afterglow
9. Cut and Run
10. Secret’s Safe
11. Whiplash


Silverstein – Retrograde (Official Music Video)

Purchase “Dead Reflection” here: It all hangs in the balance, it’s all a blur. This broken neck holds the weight of the world. The devil’s finally admitted every deed. Scarecrows and hotels, a savage thrill. They come to life as your guts start to spill.

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