Eternal Boy Share New Single “Growing Pains”

Pittburgh pop punk act Eternal Boy have shared their new single, “Growing Pains”, taken from their upcoming album Awkward Phase, out 7/14.

Eternal Boy is a product of the Drive-Thru Records era – the glory days of the pop-punk culture. After touring extensively under The SpacePimps, it was time for the band to rebrand by evolving the name in order to grow their audience. Awkward Phase is the highly-anticipated debut album under the new name, which features 12 heavy-hitting, nostalgia-filled tracks. It is an ode the ethos of the throwback pop-punk world, which was personified by friendship, heartache, and those countless awkward moments of growing up.

“‘Growing Pains’ was a popular TV show from the 80s that depicted transitionary periods in peoples’ lives,” vocalist Rishi Bahl told Alternative Press on the band’s new single. “High school to college, college to work life, single life to married life, etc. These are super hard times in people’s lives; we lose friends, significant others, and things simply change. This song is a ‘fuck you’ to those times in life.”

“With super catchy vocals, shredding drums, and ripping guitars and bass; Eternal Boy is throwback pop/punk at its finest with their song ‘Growing Pains,’” says producer Chris Badami. “This tune is one of my favorites on the record.”

Eternal Boy – Growing Pains

Eternal Boy – Growing Pains From the album “Awkward Phase” Available 7.14.2017 Preorder:

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