Album Review: Far Away Stables – Between Rage and Serenity

Most of us have more than likely been repeatedly told throughout life, even as adults, that first impressions are everything. The pressure that rides on the first impression can feel insurmountable, especially since you can’t go back in time and change the course – then again if you could, that’d probably take the nervousness and scariness out of it, resulting in less effort from the involved parties. It’s not just interviews or first dates that are under this pressure of perfect first impressions as musicians face it every single time a debut album is announced and released. In fact, the scrutiny or praise that a debut receives most likely swallows’ artists, with some coming back stronger than ever and others fading away or never being able to top that very first release. Spending the past year working on crafting the best debut possible, Sydney alternative rock outfit Far Away Stables clearly took the first impression to heart as Between Rage and Serenity is a spectacular album that should not be slept on.

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Genre: Alternative Rock | Post Hardcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: May 12, 2017
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Opening up the album is the lead single “Caldera”, which stylistically is a brilliant representation of what the rest of Between Rage and Serenity provides listeners eardrums with. What we mean by this lies within the elements that make up the track; whether it’s the opening instrumental set-piece that thumps with orchestral backing or the differing vocal styles of Brendan Sheargold as he delivers soft-sung moments and then soars on the chorus of “Rise like a phoenix fresh from the ashes”. That isn’t all though as the bridge showcases a scream over deep, brooding instrumentation. These differing pieces give the sound a relatively unique style to them that separates the sound Far Away Stables crafted on their debut from other like-minded musicians in the genre. Essentially, Between Rage and Serenity blurs the line of alternative rock and post hardcore as elements of both genres exude throughout the course of the album and does so in a very meticulously detailed way.

Phantasm – Far Away Stables

Phantasm Spotify Stream: iTunes Pre-order: Physical Pre-order: Merch/Album Bundles: Sydney Release Show Tickets: Director: Neal Walters Actress: Paige Royal Lyrics: I’m the voice inside your head watching over you I’m the truth that you don’t speak I am the only point of view I am

One of the problems many musicians have is figuring out how to craft an album that highlights all parts of the sound equally as many artists today tend to thrive off of particular parts instead of the whole project. It’s in this realm that Far Away Stables have knocked it out of the park as well as Between Rage and Serenity puts each aspect of an album in the spotlight, from its vocal diversity, searing riffs and licks, bouncy bass and pounding drums to the incredibly clear and consistent production. This also helps the album retain a level of continuity that flows freely as the varied representation of the opening “Caldera” carries throughout to the other 9 tracks on the album. This entire project is simply a showcase of the level of musical talent and work that Far Away Stables have put into their debut and something they haven’t shown until this moment in their still budding career.

Whether it’s the individual track composition which made sure to highlight all aspects of the band or the close attention paid to staying diverse stylistically but retaining that diversity throughout the entire 43-minute journey, Between Rage and Serenity is a musical showcase. What Far Away Stables have done with their debut album is more than simply finding their sound as they’ve put themselves on the map with an intriguing, memorable and diverse sound that will linger on in your head for days, demanding multiple playthroughs. This was accomplished in a multitude of ways that very few artists “get right” the first time around which makes this quite the accomplishment and a definite contender for surprise of the year.

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