Show Review: A Lesson In Romantics 10th Anniversary Tour

It’s incredible to think that in 2007, Florida’s pop-rock outfit Mayday Parade were traveling the country selling their first released album in the parking lots of Vans Warped Tour. Who would’ve guessed that ten years later, the band would be celebrating the anniversary of that very album with an enormous and extremely loyal fan-base. Last Thursday I set out to the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, Ohio to celebrate the album I grew up on with the band’s “A Lesson In Romantics 10th Anniversary Tour” with special guests Knuckle Puck and Milestone. Joining for yet another sold-out show for Mayday Parade, were hundreds of fans that lined up all the way down North High Street.

All photos taken by Lynn Crochet

The show opened with Milestone, a pop-punk quintet who traveled all the way from the United Kingdom for their first tour here in the United States. The band performed songs from their debut EP Equal Measures, a variety of alternative and pop-punk melodies with soft vocals from front-man Matthew Clarke. Though the group of guys are young and still developing as musicians, they definitely knew what they were doing. Their continuous bouncing and endless energy fueled the crowd and had the audience jumping and jamming along with them.

All photos taken by Lynn Crochet

Following next, a group that got quite a few cheers from the crowd before they even appeared, Chicago’s pop-punk outfit Knuckle Puck took hold of the stage. Opening with the crowd pleaser “Disdain,” the band performed songs from their first LP Copacetic, an energetic album that focuses on positivity. Unfortunately there was a small argument that broke out between two fans in the crowd during the middle of the set. Lead-singer Joe Taylor kept his positive stage presence and called to the crowd, “Do it on your own time. Everyone that paid for a ticket, paid to have a good time tonight. I don’t want to see anyone getting hurt, I don’t want to see anyone fucking fighting.” The band continued on with their set, gaining more cheers from the crowd as the room sang along to songs like “Wall to Wall (Depreciation” and “Evergreen.”

All photos taken by Lynn Crochet

To top the night off, the stage crew began setting up the props for the one band that everyone was most eager to see. The stage presence alone took you back to 2007 with backdrops that presented the famous artwork of a sun setting on city street buildings, complimented with street lamps that bordered the stage. Finally, the melodic instrumentals of “Jamie All Over” began, and the room filled with immediate cheers and excitement as Mayday Parade made their presence. The band performed A Lesson In Romantics from begin to end, as the nostalgic crowd sang along to every word of every track. The band followed with one of my personal favorites, “When I Get Home, You’re So Dead.” Drummer Jake Bundrick did an extraordinary job of keeping up with shared vocals that complemented front-man Derek Sanders. The majority of the energy from the stage came from bassist Jeremy Lenzo and guitarists Alex Garcia and Brooks Betts. All three were continuously bouncing, twirling, and jumping from every angle possible.


Sander’s eventually slowed things down by bringing out the piano and performing another crowd favorite, “Miserable At Best.” The band ended the set of the album with “You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, I’ll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds.” Sander’s then continued on with show by breaking out his acoustic guitar and performed a cover of “The Redemption Song,” by Bob Marely. His sweet and soft vocals tugged on the strings of hearts of everyone in the crowd. To continue on with the calm and relaxed vibes, he began to sing “Terrible Things,” as the audience raised their phones and lit the room, swaying back and forth and singing along. The energy picked up again as the rest of the band reappeared, joining in for the end of the song. The band continued to play songs from past albums including “Three Cheers For Five Years” and “Oh Well, Oh Well.”


Even after a decade of tear-jerkers and sentimental lyrics, Mayday Parade continues to bring their very best and blow the minds of all those who are listening. We can only hope that in another ten years, they’ll rejoin us again to celebrate the 20th anniversary of A Lesson In Romantics.


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