EP Review: Veridian – 40826D

As demographics in various parts of the world continue to shift and move, so too does the musical output of those countries. This has caused some of the genres distinctions associated to certain countries (due to massive musical acts that have led a sweeping charge over those genres) to change in ways that at first were unexpected, but now completely assumed. With that said, certain areas know what they do best and instead of keeping the status quo, have evolved the sound and taken it to a new level that has influenced up and coming musicians around the world. This couldn’t be more true for alternative rock at the moment as world renown acts like Young Guns, You Me At Six, Mallory Knox and Lower Than Atlantis are some of the main drivers of the modern-day sound entails and their influence on the genre will surely be long-lasting. British alt-rock band Veridian have had a front row seat to this growth within the genre and as they’re set to release their debut EP 40826D on May 12th, it’s clear they’ve fully embraced the ebbs and flows of musicality the modern day alternative rock scene has undergone.

[tw-toggle title=”About Veridian”]
Genre: Alternative Rock
Label: Primordial Records
Release: May 12, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: Store

The funny thing about Veridian is how quickly their sound hooks listeners and once it does, it refuses to let go, demanding that they not only go back for multiple listens, but leaving them craving more. Their fangs sink into listeners immediately upon hitting play on 40826D’s opening track “Headlights”, which opens up with soft-building synth backing under the pounding on a drum and insatiable vocals. As the track explodes over the chorus with the full band entering the fray, listeners are presented a full array of sounds from lush melodies to searing riffs. Following up the dynamic opener is the lead single “Sleep A Little Better” which opts for a slightly softer, more melodic approach driven by rhythmic guitars and ambiance with lyrics that demand to be sung along with. It’s fair to say that “Sleep A Little Better” is the truest representation of the distinct style that Veridian brings forward and will become a long-lasting highlight for them. The latter three tracks on 40826D all continue bringing something slightly different from the last one front and center. “Follow” feels as if it could fit at home on a Young Guns record with its song structure and vocal delivery, “Ink” wears its emotions on its sleeve while being driven by the “loudest” sound of the five-tracks to be heard and “So They Say” contains a driving synthy-piano hybrid sound that is very atypical and distinctly different.


Whether it’s the odd EP name, which actually correlates to the band’s name (with a slightly different spelling) and represents the hex color code of the EP’s artwork, or the unique elements brought forth in each song, it’s obvious after the first listen that 40826D was crafted with meticulous detail and care. It’s even more impressive when you realize that Veridian has only been doing this for slightly over a year as they formed in early 2016. Even though they may be a young band in terms of longevity in the music industry, it’s clear they aren’t young when it comes to what they offer and it really is only a matter of time until they’re sharing the stages with the bands that paved the way before them.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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