Show Review/Gallery – We Will Detonate Tour

The We Will Detonate tour features a stacked lineup of some all star artists. With Pierce The Veil headlining, and support from Sum 41, Emarosa, and Chapel, this tour has been blowing the roofs off of venues all over the US. We were lucky enough to get to cover the Silver Spring stop on this tour, and we weren’t disappointed in the slightest.



Chapel, a fresh punk duo featuring Kortney Grinwis (formerly Favorite Weapon), a Youtuber famous for her aggressive playstyle, and vocalist/guitarist Carter Hardin (formerly Nightmares), took the stage first. Their interesting electronic backing tracks supported their natural playing abilities, and their fans loved it. These two know how to perform and they had stage presence that spoke for itself. They were just up there to play music and have fun and everyone knew it, and that is part of their charm. They closed out their set with their popular anthem “Fool’s Gold”, and had everyone in the building (including me) singing with them.



Next up was Emarosa, whose lead singer, Bradley Walden, flew over my head and into the crowd before I even knew he was on stage. I didn’t really know much about Emarosa going in, but what they left me with was a commanding impression. Walden was raw and real, getting close to and connecting with the audience whenever he could, even crowdsurfing a couple times. I’m not exaggerating when I say he spent an entire song in the pit with the fans, and impressively, his vocals stayed clear and in key. While Bradley stayed in the crowd, the rest of Emarosa provided excellent support and stage presence by singing crisp harmonies and playing solidly in time with each other. During Young Lonely, a song I’ve been playing on repeat since the show, Bradley literally flips bassist Ryan Kienie inbetween his backing vocals and they all continue like nothing happened. My jaw had hit the floor along with the person next to me, and the person next to them. The guys in Emarosa earned plenty of new fans this tour by showing their seasoned experience as performers.


Sum 41

We all know and love Sum 41. If you didn’t know, they’ve still been going and putting out music for about 20 years and still look as young and have the same energy as the day they started. After their intense, two minute long introduction, the 90’s rockers bolted on to the stage to the deafing screams of hundreds of people and smoke plumes. They opened up with Fake My Own Death, and from that point on they just didn’t slow down, keeping the energy and speed of their set to a 11/10, only slowing down for a brief moment to play pieces. Before that, he asked the entire crowd to get out their phones to light the place up, and it was truly a beautiful sight to behold, especially after the venue dropped their disco ball that cast rays of light over the crowd. Especially notable was lead guitarist Dave Baksh, who obliterated every solo he touched. They finished with arguably their most popular song, Fat Lip, as Deryck gave a huge “Bye Bye” before the lights blacked out.


Pierce The Veil

If I could give a single word to describe Pierce the Veil’s performance, it would be MASSIVE. The whole thing was a huge production, and felt larger than life. They set this precedent from the start by blocking the set up and tear down transition by dropping a huge white curtain with the Pierce the Veil logo on it before their set. As their intro built up, the curtain dropped to reveal a human figure in a ghastly mask dressed in all black, with glowing amber eyes, ready to slam down a detonator. From that point on I knew I was in for a show. As the final Impact for the intro of “Texas is Forever” hit, the Detonator dropped (I won’t spoil what happened) and the band sprung into action. Once again, they had this energy and presence about them that made the room take on a life of it’s own. Bassist Jaime was all over the place (as expected), as well as guitarist Tony Perry. I cannot exaggerate when I say that this was, to a tee, a live performance of the songs on their albums. That might sound silly, but what it means is that everything was perfect and went without a hitch, exactly how they set out to do it. Vic’s vocals were perfect and never strayed in pitch. Even after performing for close to an hour and going to do a solo acoustic of Julia Michael’s “Issues” (A very high song) he still knocked it out of the park. The production value was insane, with huge screens lining the back wall that played beautifully full colored visuals to compliment each song, a fog machine that literally blew smoke rings during the choruses of their encore “Circles” and the loudest, cleanest sounding speakers I had ever stood inches from in my life. If you have the chance to catch this tour, do NOT miss it, because it will blow you away.

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