Heirsound Announces 3-Vol EP Collection ‘Layers’ + Release New Video for “Proud”

Alternative pop duo Heirsound have announced a 3-Volume EP collection entitled Layers which are set to be released over the next few months. The EPs are separated into different musical moods which the duo felt needed to be sectioned off for optimal understanding of the emotionl journey it goes through.

Announcing the forthcoming EP series today, the band released a brand new self-produced music video for the first single, “Proud,” a catchy blend of indie-pop and hip-hop influence, and the track that opens the Layers EPs. Like a prologue sets the tone for a story, “Proud” introduces the forthcoming tracks. Lyrically, the song is calling out a tumultuous past relationship with someone who is a fake, penning the line, “just keep my name out of your mouth, you don’t wanna make me shut you down now.”

Here is what Alexa San Román had to say about the video for “Proud”:

“Sitting at the front of the Layers collection, ‘Proud’ is not representative of the majority of the story that follows in Layers but a short moment in time that we coped with through writing it. Essentially it is the forward of this story, sitting by itself right before Chapter 1.” – Alexa San Román

HEIRSOUND – “Proud” [Official Music Video]

Official Music Video for “Proud” Layers, Vol. I available digitally everywhere – buy it here: bit.ly/LayersVol1 Video by Sam & Alexa San Roman www.alexasanroman.com www.samsanromanphoto.com Lyrics: Verse 1 Funny how everything changed you go back to your own ways you break bread just to save face but which one of your faces is on today?

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