KIIAN Drops Disruptive New Single “Beverly Hell”

Los Angeles-based alternative pop artist KIIAN has dropped his new single “Beverly Hell”, taken from his upcoming debut EP Beverly Hell: Pt. 1. The debut effort fearlessly explores the themes of intimacy and friendship in a superficial society while Purity Ring-like productions, glimmery and slick, throb in the background.

“Everyone has these ‘perfect’ lives but it’s such an illusion because all these people are so fucked up, they have so many issues,” explains Kiian. “I was inspired by the illusion of everything.” He goes on to discuss the concept of Beverly Hell, in saying “Beverly Hell began as a metaphor for my mental state. It was representative of the uncomfortable comfort zone that I fell into with my anxiety and depression. It was a place in my head I created where I kind of just wallowed in my misery instead of doing what I needed to get better at the time. It took a turn when I began to hang out with a lot of influential people in the industry and began to get inspired by the illusion of everything.”

Beverly Hell by kiian

Beverly Hell by KIIAN – see more at

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