A Story Inspired Release New Single “Weak Willed”

Photo Credit: Roger Pleasant

Buffalo post hardcore act A Story Inspired have released their new single, “Weak Willed (feat. Ryan Kirby from Fit For A King)”, taken from their forthcoming EP Overcome/Overthrow, due out tomorrow.

The song is an ode to an issue that has impacted more than one member of the band.

This track is about drug overdose and self-harm,” says guitarist Ryan Ridley. “Within the past few years, many of the guys in ASI have had good friends and loved ones pass away due to drug overdose. The heartbreaking feeling of losing those close to you because of this isn’t one that is unfamiliar to us and I’m sure to many of our fans and friends, as well. This is to any of our friends struggling with drug addiction and self-harm.


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