Rainy Day Crush Inspire Post-Break Up Resurrection With “Heartbreak”

Rainy Day Crush, a dynamic and scrappy indie pop trio, is excited to be sharing their debut single off of their upcoming EP I’m Still Alive, via AXS.

Rainy Day Crush’s newest single, “Heartbreak (And How To Get Over It)”, is the inspiring and catchy post break up song everyone has been waiting for. The band said that this song has become their latest battle cry. “Heartbreak” stands as an anthem to challenge adversity, reminding the trio that it’s up to Matt, Mike, and Derek to keep putting up a fight.

Rainy Day Crush’s upcoming EP, I’m Still Alive makes a promise to their fans that the band is poised and ready for a comeback. The EP captures the essence of Rainy Day Crush, fusing unbelievably catchy hooks with vibrant & honest lyrics to tell the band’s story of tenacity and determination. I’m Still Alive is out June 9th.

Heartbreak (or How to Get Over It) by Rainy Day Crush

Recorded and mixed by Steven Servi at Eisley Creative Co., Kenosha, WI Mastered by Andy VanDette, New York, NY From the EP “I’m Still Alive” set for release 6/7/17

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