EP Review: Restless Streets – Together

If you were to think back to your childhood, there’s a realization that comes to mind that some of the things that were thought to be horrible experiences were in fact absolutely nothing. Change is one of those ideas that we as children deemed terrible. Thinking about it now, it becomes clear that the change wasn’t the scary part, it was simply doing something that was different from an at the time life-long experience. The inevitability is that change is a part of life and as we age, it becomes more engrained in a vast majority of us as people get wanderlust and have desires to explore different parts of the world or to discover what they’re truly capable of. This desire eventually seeps into the day to day mindset which leads to people undergoing change, personally, physically or ideologically. Albany, NY’s Restless Streets have fully embraced what the world has thrown at them as they’ve gone from being a signed band with a grittier sound that eventually felt burned by the industry to a now independent act with a style that blurs the line of melodic rock and alternative. Now, they’re set to unleash the past few years of their lives onto the world with Together, a record that not only symbolizes what they’ve been through, but who they are in the here and now.

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Genre: Melodic Rock
Label: Unsigned
Release: April 28, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | MerchNow

Playing off of the name, Together thematically revolves around the feelings that love and the connections it creates with someone else brings us. Each song correlates to a different connection with a new combination of personalities and showcases not only what draws people together, but the things that create the wedges and distance as well. Whether it’s the opener “A Little More Us” and the heartbreak surrounding it, the direct conversation presented in “Wrong Kids” about the absence of someone who’s “there” or the closing “Dreamers” and its underlying mentality of chasing your dreams, the songwriting is incredibly powerful and fully relatable to nearly everyone. This is only one half of Restless Streets musical evolution as their sound has evolved tenfold as well, making it miles different than their debut EP and album. The foundation is sonically built off of the rock genre, but there’s more focus on making a more ambient and atmospheric sound that thrives off of lush melodies and soaring backdrops. Lest we forget the subtle piano medleys that lay underneath each track, the building and budding soundscapes that are stylish and soothing or the massive choruses and gorgeous bridges that bring each track its culmination, everything seamlessly blends together to captivate listeners’ eardrums in a remarkable way.

Restless Streets – “A Little More Us” Official Music Video

Come take a walk with me, I need to wrap my head around this mess. You need to tell me how you really feel, or else the conversations pointless, and I won’t have it. I know you’re currently tied up in these sheets, but I’ve got a serious question.

Change isn’t easy for anyone and the longer people go without it, the harder it eventually becomes to embrace and accept. It’s the desires, the dreams and the willingness of a person that acts as an agent of change and drives us towards different avenues in life and fortunately for music lovers, Restless Streets wholly embraced this ideology, even if it meant long periods of silence for the past two years. While thematically Together represents the types of connections people can create with one another — whether they’re good or bad — it also represents the beauty and brilliant creations that culminate when likeminded people follow their hearts together.


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