The Weekly Drop: April 15 – 21

April has begun its descent as we edge ever so closer to the coming onslaught that May and the rest of Summer brings with it. That being said, there are still quality releases and much awaited new albums to be discovered this week. On with the weekly drop!

Released 04.18.17

Artist: Soldiers Of A Wrong War
Album: Countdowns
Genre: Alternative Rock
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Released 04.20.17

Artist: Eternity Forever
Album: Fantasy EP
Genre: Progressive Rock
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Released 04.21.17

Artist: Allday
Album: Speeding
Genre: Alternative Hip Hop
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Artist: Blackbear
Album: Digital Druglord
Genre: Alternative Hip Hop
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Artist: Borders
Album: Diagnosed EP
Genre: Technical Metal
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Artist: Coin
Album: How Will You Know If You Never Try
Genre: Alternative
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Artist: Deadlights
Album: Mesma
Genre: Post Hardcore
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Artist: Have Mercy
Album: Make The Best of It
Genre: Alternative / Indie Rock
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Artist: Incubus
Album: 8
Genre: Alternative Rock
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Artist: Lakeshore
Album: 41 EP
Genre: Rock
Listen: No stream currently available

Artist: Martyr Defiled
Album: Young Gods
Genre: Deathcore
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Artist: Matty Mullins
Album: Unstoppable
Genre: Christian Pop
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Artist: Maximo Park
Album: Risk to Exist
Genre: Alterantive Pop
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Artist: Northbound
Album: The Flaws In Everything EP
Genre: Punk / Emo
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Artist: Nothing Left
Album: Destroy and Rebuild EP
Genre: Hardcore
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Artist: The Five Hundred
Album: The Veil EP
Genre: Deathmetal
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Artist: The Stranger
Album: The Stranger
Genre: Progressive Metal
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Artist: Uneven Structure
Album: La Partition
Genre: Djent / Metal
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Artist: While She Sleeps
Album: You Are We
Genre: Metalcore
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Artist: Younger Then
Album: Younger Then EP
Genre: Alternative Rock
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