Lowercase Noises Debuts New Song “A Course of Strengthening Medicines”

Off the announcement of his new album, The Swiss IllnessLowercase Noises has debuted the first new track, “A Course of Strengthening Medicines” from the record. The album will be released on May 19th on BC Music and can be pre-ordered now at www.lowercasenoises.com.

Speaking with Clrvynt.com about the new song, Othling says, “”A Course of Strengthening Medicines” is all about slow change. I wanted to create a piece where even if you’ve listened over and over, you can still forget where you are in it. There are subtle clues throughout to remind the listener where they are, but my hope is that the final chord change always comes as a little bit of a surprise. This is a song to get lost in, if you want to get lost.”

Lowercase Noises’ stunning new record was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Othling. The album features 8 ambient tracks of varying lengths that paint a poignant picture with beautiful atmospheric arrangements.

Othling previously stated, “I wanted this album to be about death, but it didn’t fit. Instead I expanded on the idea of loss and made it about nostalgia, which for me means the loss of things both large and small, both incredibly heavy and largely inconsequential. I experienced all those things in 2016, and as a result the only thing I could create was a minimal, slowly-evolving and (hopefully) beautiful dive into that feeling. Overlaid is the story and history behind the word “nostalgia”, which was coined by doctors studying Swiss mercenaries far away from home and their physical ailments brought on by their feelings.”

Lowercase Noises – A Course of Strengthening Medicines (Official Video)

Preorder THE SWISS ILLNESS now at http://lowercasenoises.com and get the digital download a week before the official release on 5/19.

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