Fire From The Gods Announce ‘Narrative Retold’ + Release New Song

Hardcore metal band Fire From The Gods have announced Narrative Retold, a reissue of their label debut Narrative, due out 5/19 via Rise Records. The band have released their new song and video for “The Voiceless”, a new track taken off of the reissue.

“The Voiceless is referring to the callousness of society. This generation is exposed to so many shocking and graphic events. No one seems to bat an eye. There is no compassion or care for one’s fellow man. Violence towards each other is a normal occurrence factored into our lives these days. Speaking up about it is nothing new, but it needs to be said. Yes, the world will keep spinning, and life does go on, but we need to slow down and smell the fucking roses once in a while.”AJ Channer

Fire From The Gods – The Voiceless (Official Music Video)

Purchase the album here: Well If the pope would put a bullet in his head World keeps spinning, world keeps spinning They pressed a button and they left a million dead, the world keeps spinning. Tell a bunch of lies to silence our fears.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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