Lucas Stone (Ex-Helm) Releases New Single “Carry The Black”

Lucas Stone is a part of the landscape of the Gold Coast and Queensland heavy music scene and has been for what has been the better part of 20 years. His turns as part of the bands HELM, Tension and Scalene are lauded, are iconic and absolutely raw, emotional, heavy and uncompromising. Now, Lucas has embarked on what is his most revealing, most brutal, most true endeavour to date. He is releasing music that will gradually pull back the curtain on his story – a story about the man behind the lyrics and the screams and growls – and is releasing a digital book as well, a chapter at a time, along with each song. These songs feature various guests, a personal selection of mates and industry associates that Stone has either shared a part of his musical journey with or most wants to hear their presence on the tracks. Each performer best matched to the emotion of that story and song.

The first song, “Carry the Black”, accompanies the first chapter, “Get Born” and it touches on the beginning of Lucas’ harrowing tale from near-death at birth, growing up in Wollongong, his “punk as fuck” Mum, being raised in a home outside the law, the perils of hard drug abuse and so much more. A unique opportunity to look into a life usually not entirely revealed by the lyrics of a song, only glimpsed. Stone has always been very hesitant to reveal these elements of his life. As he relaxes into middle age, only now has he mustered up the strength, impetus and inspiration to couple this new music with the story. His intention throughout the process, to give back to his audience through his experience, and, survival.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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