Lilac Lungs Release New Single + Video for “Uh-Oh”

Indie rockers Lilac Lungs have released their new single and video for “Uh-Oh”, taken from their upcoming debut album Eventide due out 5/12. Family is a very complex and beautiful thing, but sometimes, life ruins that special bond and taints it. The lyrics in “Uh-Oh” symbolize what it’s like growing up in a toxic home. Using the expression most children use when they are young, “Uh-Oh,” and creating a satire out of it to symbolize coming out of that struggle. The video for “Uh-Oh” symbolizes being trapped in a situation you don’t forsee, but finding the light at the end of the tunnel that shows you being alive is a blessing everyday. Guitarist Johney Birrell elaborates,

“We like to encapsulate that experience of feeling fun and happy, yet being deep and emotional because that’s how we experience life. Looking on the bright side, yet knowing there’s a darker side that no one necessarily likes to talk about. That’s what we tried capturing in this video. Somber, yet hopeful and happy vibes. We want everyone who watches the video and listens to the song to interpret them in their own, unique way. Everyone goes through life with a different story, and everyone will experience our art in different ways. It is our mission to connect with as many people as possible, and if we can elicit positivity for just one person with our music, then all of our hard work is paid off.”


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