Based out of Albany, NY, Restless Streets is a melodic-rock outfit with an act for creating music and captivating lyrics that reflect the band’s personal experiences. With the just released new track “Wrong Kids” along with a powerful video and the announcement of their new EP, Together, they’ve fully lifted the curtain on what they’ve been working on since 2015. We got the chance to talk with vocalist Logan Carpenter about himself, what they’ve been cooking up during their long periods of silence and much much more.

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We always try to get to know people for more than face value so we like to start out a little light-hearted. So, if you were to do anything else with your life, what would it be and why?

I (Logan) think I might enjoy stand up comedy, or acting in comedy. I love being goofy. I usually say my best material spontaneously though, so I don’t know if I’d be able to pull off a very convincing premeditated routine.

Working off of that, has music always been the first choice or did the timing and opportunity arise at just the right time for you to explore a career in music?

I have always wanted to play music on a professional level. I have been a musician since the age of 6, and there’s never been a time where I’ve stepped away from creating music. I have many interests, but music has always been #1.

Switching gears, you guys have had a very up and down outing over the past year. There’s been long periods of silence, followed by some activity which then went back to silence, etc. Has that entire time been spent working on an essential reawakening with a new team behind you, new music and more or has it been actual periods of nothing happening in the Restless Streets camp?

We have been very hard at work this past year writing and recording our new record, and polishing our new live set. Brandon recorded the whole record at our practice space, and our house. After we had everything tracked the way we wanted it we drove out to Michigan to mix and master everything with Nick Scott. We are very happy with the final sound of the record. The overall vibe of our band has shifted, and these adjustments take time to run their course. We are very excited to come back in a different light, and reconnect with our fans in an exciting new way.

Moving into more recent news, you guys released your first release since 2015 with “In Vogue”. Clearly, this is a song that served as self-expression for you guys. What does “In Vogue” personally mean to you and why do you feel it was necessary to speak up about your previous label issues?

We’ve been through some very awakening experiences so far in our music careers, and we now have a completely different understanding of the way this industry operates. We were greatly effected by these experiences, and our music tends to directly reflect what we are feeling at the time it’s written. Music is our outlet, and it serves as a path toward peace, and resolution. We used “In Vogue” as a way to break the silence, discuss our previous hardship, and move past it constructively.

Following up on that, you guys have received both positive and negative feedback on “In Vogue.” How have these reactions impacted you? Were you expecting such a contrasting view from both sides?

We are very excited and appreciative of the attention people have given to “In Vogue”. Everyone is unique, and so are their opinions. People will love us, and they will dislike us. The important thing is that we are reaching these people in the first place.

With the experience you had with InVogue Records, what steps have you taken to move forward as a group? Are there still desires to sign to a label or are you more keen to take a do it yourself approach going forward?

We have always been very accountable for everything that gets done for our business as a band. We believe that if you want something done your way, you do it yourself. This is not to say that we won’t be partnering with a team, or label in the future. I’m, however very proud of the way everyone works together in this band, and I think we’ve all grown a lot due to our involvement, and dedication to putting out quality material.

Just a few days ago, you guys announced that you’ve teamed up with UAC management. What are you most excited about working with UAC?

Our managers at UAC are Hristo Penchev, and Kevin Gruft (Escape The Fate). These guys are incredibly dedicated to their work, and our careers. We are very excited to have these guys in our corner, and we can’t wait to spread our music to the world as members of the UAC family.

You guys also just released another new song that feels more at home with what Restless Streets is all about in “A Little More Us.” Can you tell us more about the song?

We released “A Little More Us” two weeks ago with a music video. People have really been digging it so far. The song is about heartbreak and how we deal with moving on from someone. There are references to the ocean and to water in the song. “When you were caught up in the wave, did you still act the same” refers to someone who gets lured out of their relationship by their fascination with someone new. I talk about seeing the bigger picture and believing that if someone is meant to find their way back to you, they will in time.

It’s been mentioned that as a band, you’re working on a new EP with hopes for a Spring release. As this is no longer your first time through the process, are there any new approaches you’ve taken while writing and recording?

As I mentioned previously, we decided to record this record on our own. We then traveled to Michigan to mix and master with Nick Scott. He does incredible work and we are stoke with how the music sounds.

On the EP itself, what is the direction you’ve taken from a lyrical standpoint? Is there going to be a cohesive theme that makes everything come together or is it meant to contain more stand-alone tracks that may share similar ideas?

The record has an overall feeling of love and connection. It is called “Together”. We wrote about the multitude of different relationships you can have in a lifetime. Each song is about a different connection with a new combination of personalities. I wrote about the things that draw people into each other, and the things that drive them away from one another. Every song compliments the next very nicely.

Sort of going hand in hand with the previous question, what about the musical direction on the EP? Are the recent releases true to the sound found there or will there be some different stylizations? Does the current sound feel like the best fit for the band?

Our style has changed throughout the last year drastically. It’s still us, and you can still tell that Brandon wrote the music. We just put a different twist on things and wrote the songs that made us feel good, the songs that make us feel ourselves when we play them.

Other than the planned upcoming EP release, what’s the current trajectory for Restless Streets look like? Any chance you’ll be on the road soon?

We want to hit the road as much as we possibly can. If it were up to us, we’d have a performance in a different city every night year round. We have some select cd release performances coming up in May including one outing with Emarosa, and we just confirmed a date with Hawthorne Heights.

Lastly, if you could make up your dream tour for Restless Streets, what bands would you tour with and what cities would you play in? Also, thanks for doing this and we can’t wait to see what’s next from you guys!

We would love to tour with Taking Back Sunday, PVRIS, Circa Survive, The 1975, Thirty Seconds To Mars. We are very interested in leaving the US, and touring internationally. We have played all over this country and we want to see how different cultures interact with our sound elsewhere.

Thank you for having us!!!