The Weekly Drop: April 1 – 7

A week into April, and the musical landscape for the upcoming Summer is being vividly shaped. This week sees a massive amount of releases spanning all genres from highly anticipated debuts to followups that take artists and listeners on a different journey. Enough talk, on with the weekly drop!

Released 04.06.17

Artist: Aphasia
Album: Seclusion EP
Genre: Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

Released 04.07.17

Artist: All For Nothing
Album: Minds Awake / Hearts Alive
Genre: Hardcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Andrés
Album: Strange Memories on This Nervous Night
Genre: Pop Rock
Listen: Spotify

Album: Life-Related Symptoms
Genre: Hard Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Asira
Album: Efference
Genre: Post Black Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Bear
Album: ///
Genre: Math Metal
Listen: Bandcamp

Artist: Blood Youth
Album: Beyond Repair
Genre: Post Hardcore
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Brightlight City
Album: Our Future’s Not Dead EP
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Charlatan
Album: Remarkable
Genre: Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: City Kids Feel The Beat
Album: Stories EP
Genre: Pop Punk
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Cold War Kids
Album: LA Divine
Genre: Indie Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Dead by April
Album: Worlds Collide
Genre: Modern Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Diet Cig
Album: Swear I’m Good At This
Genre: Indie Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Eat Your Heart Out
Album: Carried Away EP
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Falling In Reverse
Album: Coming Home
Genre: Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Hawking
Album: Diverge
Genre: Progressive Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Her
Album: Tape #2 EP
Genre: Indie Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: K.Flay
Album: Every Where Is Some Where
Genre: Alternative Hip Hop
Listen: Spotify

Album: A Perfect Disarray
Genre: Alternative Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Merge
Album: Acoustics EP
Genre: Acoustic
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Message from Sylvia
Album: Message from Sylvia
Genre: Alternative Metal
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Michelle Branch
Album: Hopeless Romantic
Genre: Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Njomza
Album: sad for you EP
Genre: Indie Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Royal Thunder
Album: Wick
Genre: Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: San Fermin
Album: Belong
Genre: Alternative
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The Chainsmokers
Album: Memories…Do Not Open
Genre: Dance / Pop
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The Flatliners
Album: Inviting Light
Genre: Punk Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: The Maine
Album: Lovely Little Lonely
Genre: Pop Rock
Listen: Spotify

Artist: Wear Your Wounds
Album: WYW
Genre: Metalcore
Listen: Spotify

What Are Your Thoughts!

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