EP Review: Caution: Thieves – Songs From the Great Divide

There’s a well-established and long running saying that big things come in small packages. While the initial ideology of this saying was probably meant to refer to people who happened to be at a size disadvantage and the great things they could still accomplish in life, it can just as easily be applied to other areas of life. In the music realm, this saying is entirely appropriate to apply to releases that tend to be on the shorter end of the spectrum, in track length, runtime or both. As fans have become more and more obsessed with longevity – rightfully so in a sense as many releases tend to average 35 minutes – the reality is that the content and quality is more important. After all, if the choice of a longer, yet uninspired or a shorter, yet creative and fun record was given, the majority would take the latter option. That’s where Melbourne, Australia post hardcore outfit Caution: Thieves enter the fray as their new EP, Songs From the Great Divide shows that quality over quantity wins every time.

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Genre: Post Hardcore
Label: Unsigned
Release: March 31, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: Bandcamp | iTunes

Sonically, Songs From the Great Divide provides for a very intricate and distinct listen. While Caution: Thieves classify their sound as post hardcore, this isn’t the typical style found from the many bands that litter the genre and resembles something that feels more in line with the likes of House vs. Hurricane. Even that comparison isn’t accurate as there’s more focus on a melodic and heartfelt approach to their music, as showcased right away with “Ink into Water”. This opening track serves its purpose masterfully as it gives listeners a look into the full array of styles that are present here. Utilizing a somber and haunting soft-opening that lets vocalist Nicholas Simonsens voice shine beautifully, the track then explodes with a feeling of chaos as frantic screams and instruments go back and forth with the singing. The pace is toned back a notch with “A Greater Sense of Self”, but the intensity remains, especially as it ends with hard hitting breakdown and frantic guitar work intermixed throughout. “Years on the Precipice” comes across as the most typical track with its huge choruses, underlying and energetic guitar work and beautifully composed bridge. Closing out the EP is “And You’ll See The End” which moves the band in a different direction, paving the way for a more stadium rock sound that ultimately takes away from what Caution: Thieves did on the EP as a whole.

caution:thieves // A Greater Sense Of Self (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/cautionthieves Bandcamp – http://cautionthieves.bandcamp.com/releases Instagram – @cautionthieves Directed, shot and edited by Jai Morrow. Recorded by Roman Koester – Complex Studios Mixed by Ryan Furlott – Rain City Audio Mastered by Mike Kalajian – Rogue Planet Mastering Lyrics: I lay awake at night, beating myself up for all of the things I’ve done I’ve been here before, I know you’ve been here too.

As Caution: Thieves continue to explore their sound and differing ideas on their second outing, one aspect remains the same for them – the idea that their music needs to be melodic and heartfelt. They accomplish this task with ease on Songs From the Great Divide as the songs leave a lingering sense of catharsis with the listener due to the frantic and raw approach the band opt for. These four tracks are more than just lyrics written on a page or instrumentals put together to make a sound, they’re an experience and a way for a group of people to showcase their own vulnerabilities, being as open and free as they so desire. In the end, that’s what any art-form is all about and in this case, Caution: Thieves have achieved their goal, no matter the size of the package.

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