The Weekly Drop: March 18 – 24

As we enter the homestretch of March, Spring is officially in the air and the music releases continue to take listeners by storm. This week sees a pretty wide array of new tunes once again and even a surprise release that maybe wasn’t all that surprising so lets get on with the weekly drop!

Released 03.21.17

Artist: Grail
Album: Still Alive EP
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
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Artist: The Ultraviolet
Album: The Tales of Our Youth EP
Genre: Alternative Rock
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Released 03.22.17

Artist: With Lying Eyes
Album: Light the Way EP
Genre: Rock
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Released 03.31.17

Artist: Aaron Sprinkle
Album: Real Life
Genre: Pop
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Artist: Ballyhoo!
Album: girls.
Genre: Reggae / Rock
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Artist: Catch Fire
Album: A Love That I Still Miss EP
Genre: Pop Punk
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Artist: Creeper
Album: Eternity, In Your Arms
Genre: Punk Rock
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Artist: Cry Excess
Album: Vision
Genre: Metalcore
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Artist: Davey Suicide
Album: Made From Fire
Genre: Rock
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Artist: Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors
Album: Souvenir
Genre: Folk Rock
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Artist: Great Cynics
Album: POSI
Genre: Indie Rock
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Artist: Halfnoise
Album: The Velvet Face EP
Genre: Pop
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Artist: Lungless
Album: The Love That Remains EP
Genre: Metalcore
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Artist: mansionz
Album: Mansionz
Genre: Alternative
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Artist: New Street Adventure
Album: Stubborn Sons
Genre: Indie / Soul
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Artist: Northlane
Album: Mesmer
Genre: Metalcore
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Artist: She Screams of Royalty
Album: Lucid Dreams A Relationship
Genre: Post Hardcore
Listen: No stream currently available

Artist: sleepmakeswaves
Album: Made of Breath Only
Genre: Post Rock / Instrumental
Listen: Bandcamp

Artist: Sundressed
Album: A Little Less Put Together
Genre: Indie Rock
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Artist: Terra
Album: Wasted Days EP
Genre: Pop Punk / Alternative Rock
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