The Classic Crime Unveil New Song “Holy Water”

Nearly five years since their last release, The Classic Crime have resurfaced with a furious new album titled How to Be Human, a record so successfully crowdfunded via Kickstarter that received three times its intended goal is set for an April 28th release via BC Music. The lyric video for the first single “Holy Water” can be seen over at the band’s website along with pre-order bundles. In addition, the track is available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

With the airtight drumming, buzzing upbeat bass, and MacDonald’s unique mix of smooth vocals and concise, kinetic delivery, “Holy Water” kicks off with some of the endearing traits that made the band familiar to the ears of fans that followed them from their 2003 beginnings all the way to 2012’s Phoenix(praised by Alternative Press for “arrangements are elegantly tuneful with an atmospheric sweep and production as crystal as the water in the Caribbean” and MacDonald’s “boyish tenor that’s keenly matched to the skygazing searcher full of questions evoked by the lyrics”). MacDonald explained the track’s poetic placement and standing as the album’s opening track saying, “its energy seems to embody the scope of the record” with “bars jumping between 4/4 and 3/4 time signatures, and the lyrics move between micro and macro metaphors for feeling alive and connected to the universal dance of life.” As the song builds to the chorus, the band’s maturation shines through. The song opens up and shows the penchant for vast, swaying melodies carried by uplifting, anthemic instrumentation, establishing themes and reprisals that the entirety of How to Be Human explores more intimately.

The Classic Crime – Holy Water [OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO]

From “How to Be Human” – Lyric video by Nate Henry

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