Inklings Release Debut Music Video “Let It Out”

Photo Credit: Justine Trickett

Continuing their introduction to the music world, Inklings (vocalist Kier Kemp of Fearless Vampire Killers + guitarist / keyboardist Michael Lane) have given their first track, “Let It Out” a visual representation.

The “Let It Out” video furthers the band’s thus-established lyrical examination of the dynamics of various relationships in Kemp’s life. Recently released “Thanks For The Insight” sees Kemp exploring his relationship with his brother, for instance, and while “Let It Out” is about a platonic relationship, the video gets its message across powerfully by showcasing  the breakdown of a romance through starkly contrasting color and imagery.

Lane explains the video’s imagery and direction, “We wanted to put across the pressure that builds when you don’t let out your feelings. So a passive-aggressive couple living together but never really communicating seemed to be the obvious choice, as it’s a familiar situation to most people. The idea of picking out items in striking red then having them break as the relationship does, that was as much for the visual as anything else. Everyone likes to see things explode.”

Kemp adds, “Our biggest challenge was actually trying to get what we wanted to say across in the time we had. When making music videos, it’s important to ask yourself what you’re really trying to say at the core of it. Luckily we had the help of Nari and Tracy, our actors (and friends), who, having worked in and around the stage for some time, brought some great experience to the table. The song was actually originally written about a friendship of mine not a romantic relationship, but that wouldn’t have made for such a good video, me frolicking in the fields of Suffolk…”

Inklings – Let It Out (Official Video)

“Let It Out” by Inklings. Spotify: iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: Official Website: Special Thanks to Nari Blair-Mangat and Tracy Mathewson for their contribution to writing as well as acting. Shot by Rolling Vision: Lyrics: Make no apologies, I know that often i’m coming over, acting sober I’m not again, and what a friend You sigh away the feeling.

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