Album Review: The Bunny The Bear – The Way We Rust

One of the hardest aspects about being in a band lies within the fact that not only do people have to get along, they truly should be on the same page musically in order for their best work to come out. This is why lineup changes tend to happen on a consistent basis with many bands; people have differing ideas on what direction a band should take, especially as they age and are deep into their own discography. However, creativity differences are just one of the many bumps that can lead to lineup changes as electronic post-hardcore outfit The Bunny The Bear can attest to as last January saw the departure of the fourth “bear”, Haley Roback. Unbeknownst to many, the band continued onward with the re-addition of the third bear, Joseph Garcia and with it, a new album The Way We Rust on a new label, Needful Things. With the return of Garcia, the question looms….how will the bands seventh album fare?

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Genre: Post Hardcore | Synthcore
Label: Needful Things
Release: March 17, 2017
Connect: Facebook | Twitter
Purchase: iTunes | Google Play

To be frank, The Bunny The Bear have always been a bit of a mixed bag, resulting in being a truly acquired taste for many. The concept behind the band — with the bunny being the screamer and the bear being the singer — remains, as does the electronic elements. While keeping the core foundation and sound intact, one would assume that this is merely a continuation of previous outings; fortunately that isn’t the case as The Way We Rust is the bands most coherent work to date. In previous albums random tempo changes and chaos reigned and this time it seems that has been reigned back to instead opting for a more well-rounded sound. Simply put, it’s our humble opinion that this is their first release that sounds like a true album, as they’ve dropped the frantic changes of pace in favor of more natural sounding musical arrangements and a level of cohesion that they’ve never attempted to create.

THE BUNNY THE BEAR – I Am Free (Live Music Video)

Order “The Way We Rust”! Available Now. Merchbucket- iTunes- Youtube- Spotify- Bandcamp- GooglePlay- Amazon- Follow The Bunny The Bear Lyrics: Lying bare across the floor, can’t take this silence anymore and it feels like I’ve lost control.

With The Way We Rust having the structure of a thoughtfully composed album, the other aspect lies within the actual sound presented throughout. Coming in at a hearty 13 tracks, the album feels rather short as 4 of the songs run under 1:40 and are simply intros/interludes. Furthermore, the sound starts to blend as most of the songs have difficulty separating themselves from one another due to a lack of extremely powerful and memorable choruses that grab the listeners like they’ve done on some previous releases. That doesn’t mean that the album is bad by any means as The Bunny The Bear really nail the synth-laden, post hardcore sound they’ve become synonymous with on tracks like “I Am Free” and “Love Lies”. These are perfect showcases on when they’re at their best as they balance a heavier sound with melodic, electronic and atmospheric driven elements.

As bands continue to release new material, there’s an expectation that they’ll continue to get better and a fear that they’ll get worse. Throw into the mix the constant lineup changes and the fears would typically come to the forefront and overtake any progression. With their seventh release, The Bunny The Bear have tossed those fears aside as they have crafted what we would consider to be their first true sounding album as they’ve aimed for a level of cohesion and incorporated more natural elements than previously heard. With that being said, The Way We Rust is simply a solid album as it starts to sound same-y and a little boring the longer you listen to it. Even still, fans of the band are sure to love the release and should feel at ease to know that they’re only trending upwards.

What Are Your Thoughts!

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