On February 17th, Outerloop Records label mates Megosh and Youth In Revolt set out to PA for the beginning of tour. I got the opportunity to meet both bands and get a feel for what they had to offer. With each having just released a new album, both bands brought with them a new sound and experience for the fans.


The show took place on February 24th in Toledo, OH at the Frankies Inner-City venue. From a photographers stand point, I was a little leery about the show seeing that the venue’s stage was extremely small and there wasn’t not a whole lot of room to get good shots. From a musicians point of view, I can only imagine how frustrating it would be not being able to move around a whole lot. I had heard a lot of hype about both bands but, never actually experienced either one live. Regardless of the space situation I was pretty anxious to meet all of the guys.

All photos taken by Lynn Crochet

Maryland’s progressive-rock outfit Megosh has a unique way of blending different genres together which showed through out their set, intertwined with accents of pop and metal. The band kicked off with an aggressive opening, “War Drums” from their latest album Apostasy. Right away the band revealed captivating riffs from guitarists Finch Flores and Josh Grosscup that were complemented by steady drums from Sven Garner. There were a few difficulties with sound in the first two songs. Frontman Josh improvised by setting his guitar aside and continued on without missing a step. The band performed a few other songs from Apostasy including “Desperada” where Josh showed off his appealing high-pitched vocals. There was also the crowd’s favorite, “Checkerboards & Cigarettes” which switched between soft and melodic riffs to an instrumental rush. The set ended with one of their heavier songs, “Trigger Thumb” from the album Body Works. Despite being on a small stage, the guys somehow managed to bounce around everywhere along with several impressive jump-kicks from Josh and bassist Derv Polimene, without taking out the other members. Megosh’s music is one that is hard to categorize in just one genre but, offers something that everyone can get into.

All photos taken by Lynn Crochet

Following next, New Jersey’s post-hardcore/alternative rock outfit Youth In Revolt took hold of the stage. Last September the band debuted a surprise cover song of “Something In The Way You Move” by Ellie Goulding, revealing a new line up of members. Along with a new line up, the band brought to stage a new setlist from their latest album The Broken. While working on some promo photos with the guys before the show, it was clear that they were an energized and vibrant group, which showed in their performance. The band opened with “There For You” and were immediately bouncing off the walls. The limited amount of space didn’t seem to phase the guys in the slightest bit. The high energy from the members along with the crashing beat of the drums from Arvin Sarathy fueled the crowd. One of the crowd pleasers of the set was “The Broken” where new lead singer Tanner Allen showed off his smooth and mellifluous tones that were balanced with bassist Kenny Torres’s screams. Both guitarists Alex Ramos¬†and Chris Coletti were constantly twisting and jumping the entire set, rarely stopping to take a breath. The set ended with “Love Is A Liar’s Game” in which both Tanner and Kenny shared in harsh screams. I can only imagine that bringing in a new line up and taking over as a lead vocalist would be extremely intimidating. However, the guys of Youth In Revolt have proven to take on this challenge with no problem at all. Seeing the five guys goof around before the show and performing cohesively together on stage, each of their personalities go in sync and make for a phenomenal stage presence.


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